10 Days no azerite armor emmisary

So I recently went back to Alliance, I brought my rogue back on October 26th, and my priest over on October 29th. Since I have been back not a single azerite armor emmisary has shown up. I got my priest to the ilvl whereI can get 370 azerite. This is one of the only things holding my ilvl back now, I've been waiting and waiting every day and nothing. Wasn't the whole point of the change to emissaries that drop azerite to make it more accessible? That's what they told us at least, so I ask you Blizzard. Where is the azerite at? I can't get it out of mythic plus, the raid isn't dropping anything for me, there feels like no point to play if I can't get the items I need to push harder content.
11 days now

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