3Raiders looking for cross server friends

Hello everyone! So me an my buddys are looking for a raiding guild. That can enjoy the game but cant get things done when the time comes. We currently 8/8N 3/8H.
Raid times preferred- Wed/Thurs 7pm-12AM Server
He plays shadow priest. An i want to get back into playing my warrior again. I can play ranged but i would have to level that toon which wouldnt take me long.
The 3rd is a feral druid who just came to the server which we are gearing up.
Currrently we cant transfer until we farm in game currency. So we were hoping to tag along an make friends until we transfer over. Looking for a guild that would accept us an let us join them for raids.
You can reach me at
We are recruiting for our raid team but right now we raid Friday and Saturday evening. Check out.

My bnet ID is pattersj#1418. Hope to hear from you.

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