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It's Dog. We left Dog in Dalaran!

On a serious note, I feel like the lessening of focus on specs/classes made it blander. We used to joke alot about "class fantasy" but looking back, the character building and all the effort that came with it was actually very engaging.
11/05/2018 08:23 PMPosted by Matheios
On a serious note, I feel like the lessening of focus on specs/classes made it blander. We used to joke alot about "class fantasy" but looking back, the character building and all the effort that came with it was actually very engaging.
Sure...make them more or less interchangable, and your toon isn't "special". Add that to no character progression. Now he's just pixels.
Good class design, a new and actually good expansion feature, fun pvp, and pvp vendors.

It's missing more than "something" It's missing a lot of things.

In fact, it's trash.
11/05/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Chocky
Ok clear some real content before talking... i hope
No real raiding, pvp or M+.
Nothing to do.... you did nothing.

As I told someone earlier, just because someone doesn't raid, or do what you do in game it doesn't negate their opinions, it may come as a total surprise, but there is people that dont raid at all, there is people that just play the AH, there is people that just do the odd dungeon, and they are all valid players and all are entitled to their opinion, and just because this game leads people to raiding, it doesn't mean that should be all there is, and it also doesn't mean they should have to do it before their voice is heard.
It's the fact that many class specific Azerite traits ought to be actual talents.
Endless grinding with no goal.
Well there's no new talent row--that's definitely something we're not used to.
It's missing a primary antagonist. A thing you can point at and say "that's the bad guy". Legion had this in spades - the demons were all over the place causing a ruckus and running amok. We knew those bastards had only one aim - destroy us. That's a pretty good motivator.
The way BfA is going, we currently only have hints at a major enemy, so there doesn't seem to be much of a sense of urgency.
I feel the same way. I was never excited to play. I worked so hard in legion on my artifact level just to hear it would be for nothing. Feelsbad. I just level alts and get them semi decently geared like this guy.
Because it's all over the place, and the stuff they've given us isn't... meaty.

The dungeons aren't as enjoyable, at all. They feel really long and really trashy. Like vanilla dungeons (oh boy, those multiple-hours LBRS/UBRS runs!) but just... not fun. Too much trash. They're really pathy without being interesting. The main goal of most groups is to literally avoid as much of the dungeon as possible because it's awful. That feels bad. We're not even talking speed runs, just general heroics, no one wants to take a single step they don't HAVE to. It's not fun. I can't even put my finger on why, but I happily ran my daily heroics and weekly mythics on multiple 110s in Legion, and I can't even get up the interest - or conquor the dread, really - to do it this expac.

The story is really fractured. Is it about shafting the Alliance? All the cinematics say so. Yet the questing doesn't lead there. You can do a war campaign with almost no war in it, it's all prep - and yet somehow, we're also fighting in the warfronts. Even though they've placed all of us on our own separate islands where we are far from that fighting.

The fighting is all either instanced, or regular flagged world pvp. There's nothing innovative there. I don't feel connected to the war. I want my war quests to be on Kalimdor and EK if we're actually at war. We should be attacking Feralas and Winterspring to get rid of the Kaldorei on Kalimdor. They should be attacking Silverpine and re-taking Hillsbrad. We should be attacking places that MATTER to us.

Getting navies should be a side-interest in the war, yet somehow I'm so busy fighting blood trolls and saving Vulpera that I don't even SEE the war.

And with two continents of 3 zones each, there's very little new land. Other expacs had at least 5 new zones, and we pretty much shared them, even if there were some quests that were just for one side or the other. But now I only have 3 zones and some throwaway junk on the other islands.

Why do I not have a major amount of quests actually ATTACKING Kul Tiras, instead of just "mission table - open flight path" everywhere? Why am I sneaking around stealing bodies instead of sabotaging boats?

The class halls in Legion were ostensibly the same as the war quests - your own personal troop movements into enemy territory, and overstory that tied into the main theme, and gathering followers for your mission table. But the war campaign takes 2 minutes, is exactly the same for everyone, and is entirely un-engaging. I am invested in the Horde-Alliance conflict, but I've got nothing in-game to do with it.

Not to mention that Azerite is a cheap rip-off of Artifacts and Legendaries, just like the war campaign is a half-assed version of Order stories. But I was excited when an legendary dropped. I was fine doing my heroics for the currency to buy more. I was excited when new powers opened up on my Artifact and made me feel noticably more powerful.

I am not excited about new gear now. Is the ilevel a boost? Then great, okay, lets my alts do more of the not-very-engaging content that has a ilevel requirement. But I don't care about new Azerite gear. It'll have one of the three or so traits I care about, or I'll throw it in the smasher. It doesn't feel special. It feels like getting a boot drop from a quest - are they slightly better? Worse? The same? Either way, it's not exciting. I don't care about it. If it wasn't for ilevel, I would stick with pretty much the first piece that had a trait I liked and that would be that. It all feels like basic gear.

My best time playing lately is to get done with my BfA chores (emissary, missions for characters who need rep for crafting recipes, and then pet charm WQs) and then go level alts. I am literally leveling 4 alts right now, rotating between them to make sure they're rested while I do.

I'm excited about some of the story stuff coming down the pike, but there's just something sort of... hollow about BfA
It's pretty sad as Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and Nazjatar are major locations in WoW lore, but so far it's extremely flat.
11/05/2018 03:30 PMPosted by Jamesfisk
That thing you're missing? It's called "content".


I hear it's going to be picking up though.
Everything is bland.

There is nothing to think about really. After playing the classic demo I am still thinking about what gear I'd like to mix with which talents. Stats were more dynamic/interesting.

In BFA you really only have +attack and + health for stats. The scaling world removes any sense of progression from 1 all the way to 120. heck there are characters in the level 15 vanilla demo that feel like they have more abilities than we have in BFA. Gear is just so boring. +Ilvl? ohh boy! who cares? and what am I going to do with this new, higher Ilvl? is farming going to be more efficient? Not really due to pathfinder and mob scaling. Is there anything to make if I do farm up some mats? ehh not really.

WoW has been effectively streamlined to death. I need choices and yes, that includes "wrong" choices.
Every level feels the same. One of the zones requires you do a significant portion of your leveling there to get flight paths. Witches arc is pretty terrible. Nothing feels, "good".

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