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Cover or remix of a song?

Mine has to be Jorn's version of Live to Win
I love Disturbed’s Shout and Sound of Silence.

Five Finger Death Punch’s Gone Away is better than the original by far. I’ve been listening to that song for 20ish years and I never realized it was a sad song until they covered it.

Anyways those are probably my favorites. I might be forgetting one.
I'm partial to Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt, but that feels like cheating a bit.

I also like Soft Cell's cover of Tainted Love. Most folks don't know realize that's even a cover at all, but it was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964.

Shinedown's Simple Man.
Placebo's Cover of Running Up that Hill is pretty great. I love Kate Bush's version, but this one is on as equal footing, if not better.


Lissie did a cover of Danzigs Mother and I enjoy it so much more than the original.


Steam Powered Giraffe did a cover of Rhiana's Diamonds.


They also did a cover of Daft Punks Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


Missio did a great cover of The Cranberries Zombie

pretty woman - van halen
you really got me - van halen
california girls - david lee roth
whiskey in the jar - metallica
stepping stone - the monkees
hazy shade of winter - the bangles
all along the watchtower - u2

.. i think i like all those better than the originals (california girls though.. mmm not sure)

as for favorite.. lemme think...

ok, ok.. the one cover that I knew was a cover, not a band making some obscure song famous but two famous versions of the same song, and i liked the remake better, and on top of all that, i like it alot, enough to put it in "favorite" territory..

Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies

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