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A few million at launch would not surprise me. Settling down to a few hundred thousand players after 6 months.
Considering Blizzard did not expect WoW to grow above 100k, I think if it reaches and can maintain that it can be called a success.
It depends on how close to the original it is, there will definitely be retail players playing Classic so it wont be zero, but classic fans wont be playing in large numbers if its not a good/close re release of the original. If its as close as possible, i could see 300 to 500k people subbing again, its $15/mo and you dont need to buy anything else either [assuming those old players still have their original account]. If they go full-derp and cant even get the class feel right and all sorts of other issues, then i think it will bomb and by that, mostly just retail players will play when there is a content drought on the live game. So idk it all depends.
9 million at launch.
11/09/2018 02:54 PMPosted by Kinetics
its $15/mo and you dont need to buy anything else either [assuming those old players still have their original account].

Just to clarify something, there's no cost to create a new account any more. Unless someone wants to add BfA, all it takes is creating a WOW account and then applying game time.

(I don't know if this is possible without doing "install" when creating the account - I think it is. Even if not, though, the Retail game could immediately be uninstalled and the account would remain, associated with the Classic account.)
Before Blizzcon I would of said millions but it seems like a lot of bad decisions are set in stone and it looks like a lot of people already quit before it started.
All I know is I haven't touched the game since the end of WOTLK and I'm coming back for classic along with 6-8 old guildies.
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How can you predict something you can never verify ?

True. Blizz will tell us box and dd sales but it will be impossible to pin down a classic player except as an MAU - a metric which wasn't associated with vanilla that I ever saw.

They will have to rely on imperfect surveys like warcraftrealms. OP has the right idea though. Huge launch, rapidly dwindling player pop.

Since everything will be single realm, the realm pop changes should be noticeable as High or Full during launch then dropping to Medium and Low a few months later. And watch the AHs. The AHs on low pop realms in vanilla really sucked bad.
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but the 15$ subscription may have already been the biggest one possible

If people are too cheap to pay $15 for a subscription to World of Warcraft, they would probably have stuck to private servers anyway because they're free. (or they can donate like $5/month or something.)

i was thinking the same thing, being a decked out Private server player myself (full t2.5/sulfuras mace ret pally)

im still gonna play it because i love classic that much, and the adventure never gets old, but i am bummed that i gotta pay 30 a month since i gotta cover my wife's account too when we play
ignoring the launch because thats really hard to predict, i dont think it will be a million plus

somewhere between 100k and 500k the first few months. wont be surprised if its less than 100k active after a year

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