Herb and enchanting questions

So I have recently came to the conclusion that Mining/Engineering were not paying the bills so I picked up herb and enchanting and I had some questions.

1 Besides Anchor Weed what herbs sell the best on the AH.

2. I like to group farm greens as well as such I get a fair amount of greens now do I put them on the AH as is, disenchant them and sell the dust on the AH, or Scrap them in the scrapper, which of these give the most gold?
1. Anchor Weed - 100 to 250 depending on your server
2. Siren's Pollen - around 30 on my 3 servers
3. Akunda's Bite - around 15
4. Winter's Kiss, Sea Stalk, Riverbud -- all around the same price,
which is 8 to 14. Prices change every day, on each server.

I've crafted a lot of 225 gear -- is that what you mean by greens? -- and it sells very poorly on the AH if at all. Maybe drops sell better. I don't know.

You only use the scrapper if you want to get Expulsom. You can't sell Expulsom on the AH or mail it to alts. You can only use it for crafting, and can only do that on the character that scrapped it. Don't bother unless you have some good recipe using Expulsom, that makes gold.
There are enchants that use expulsom, so I would suggest you at least scrap any soulbound items you get so you have some of it on hand. Overall I seem to be having about a 20% chance at expulsom when scrapping.
11/10/2018 03:50 AMPosted by Karix
I've crafted a lot of 225 gear -- is that what you mean by greens?

I mean as in BoE greens that have a chance to drop off mobs.
I would scrap any non-crafted, non-epic trinkets for expulsom. They should be a guaranteed drop. You should be save DE'ing rares and epics.

For green drops, you ideally have an addon to estimate the disenchant value of the item, though if it is anything like Legion, I would just vendor all the greens. An AH addon might suggest if an item is valuable for transmog, but those items can take a while to sell on the AH.

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