Talent tweaks fix nothing.

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
Tweaking a few talents will not fix the gaping hole you left with ripping out artifacts and their baseline artifact abilities+gold traits (which themselves replaced previous baseline stuff you pruned, look at warlock from WOD to Legion).

You guys are doing the equivalent of a drop in the ocean in terms of necessary class work.

Stop doing the bare minimum. Do the work for classes already.
Honestly, even if it did, it creates a seperate issue.

That talent becomes a requirement for the class to function. At that point the talent should be baseline. Otherwise, it invalidates every option on that row.
I thought the reason for not adding a new talent tier this expansion was to allow easy talent tuning and balance.

I go onto icy-veins and I see a ton of Xs and ?s, probably the same amount as legion.

Gives me a headache, honestly.
Talent balance would be great, but it needs to be done properly. And to pretty much all classes and specs across the board. Talents are so poorly balanced some specs literally never change the majority of talents no matter the situation.

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