MW complete lack of stun protection

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The biggest issue Mistweavers (MW) face in the 3v3 arena environment is their inability to recover after being stunned and focused down. Our defensive cooldowns (CDs) simply aren't usable when we are stunned, and more often then not we won't make it out alive.This situation forces us to rely on our partners to save us for every stun swap on us when the enemy uses CDs. However, better opponents can cross crowd control (CC) our partners, and we are dead in the water.

MW are a squishy spec that has always been susceptible to stuns, which is why in the past we have always had ways to deal with them. Way of the Crane broke and made us immune to stuns, Healing Elixirs procced while stunned, Dematerialize made us dodge all attacks and spells for 2 seconds after stuns, Nimble Brew was a trinket for stuns, and Life Cocoon was usable while stunned. Since these have been removed we have no CDs whatsoever to deal with being stunned and killed. Essentially, we have the surviveability of a resto druid without Bear Form, or being able to use bark Skin while stunned.

TLDR: Please consider an option for MW to survive stuns on our own, whether that be one of the old ways we did it, or an entirely new one. It really wasn't fun this season, feeling absolutely helpless dying in stuns, and I really want something done about this in 8.1 so the next season isn't so miserable. Thanks.
Prewall the stun and hope the go is telegraphed.
They should make a pvp talent for you guys or really just let us use it while stunned. From what I hear it's pretty rough for pvp MW.

In PvE it's pretty much not an issue so hopefully they can add something to help the pvp side without having to nerf the PvE side.


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