Clean install Windows on C, programs on D

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I had a big crash, and the only way to resolve it was to do a clean install of windows on my C drive. But all my Blizzard programs are on my D drive, but not recognized by windows.
The idea of completely reinstalling all those programs is not very pealing, especially since they are there, just not recognized by the registry.
Is there a way to shortcut the install process so it knows that all the files are there, and registers the programs without having to reinstall everything?
Not really. Usually if you have to reinstall the OS, means you need to re-install all the software. Neat thing with wow is you don't as it registry independent. You'll just have to re-install the BNet client and point to the folder where wow is installed.
Are you able to still open the launcher/desktop app? If not, you can try just re-installing the launcher and then pointing it at your Blizz games on your D drive.
You shouldn't have to reinstall them, but you may need to update the bnet app and relocate the files.

Tech support would be better to assist you. I've done this a few times on my computer, and even move the files around and just redirect them.

Unless you mean having Windows see it in the Programs Menu. Then yes, reinstalling Windows means you have to reinstall the programs to show up there. I haven't found a way around that. But the bnet app should still see them.

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