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I don't really get it, tbh. We already have a dark skinned elf race. Why did we get a second one? This new one has absolutely zero lore. They look cool, sure, but that's about it.
The first couple of times I saw a void elf was in SW, and I had a WTF spike - how is a blood elf just standing around unmolested in SW?

But that was just the first couple of times - now I have my own void elf pixels.
Alliance is very practiced working along the high elfs. They fit very naturally in the Alliance because we have always had them, they just were not playable.

When I play my horde toons I double take because I've gotten so use to seeing void elf customization that it is weird now seeing the base version.
As Curu is an aged mage who fought alongside the Quel'dorei during the 2nd war, he feels conflicted; on one side he's glad that at least some of the high elves are back, fighting on the Right Side.

But, on the other hand, he would quote Marcus Brody, " You're meddling with powers you can't possibly comprehend. "
I love them
especially the ones with the void tipped hair
I feel positively aroused whenever I look in the mirror, and flushed with pleasure when I see other Ren'dorei.

A void elf approached me once... during a rp chat with a fellow human.
we were discussin about characteristics of my own character icly.

my friend was saying "Nobody cares about you or your past."

Than all the sudden that void elf woman approached me an said.

"you are loved and cared about my friend."

Kinda made me feel alright, first void elf encounter ingame wise too, so was nice, so there alright by my standards.
I feel like making Demon Hunters elf only, exacerbated this problem of having too many elves. I get that it was for lore reasons, but still.
Welcome to world of elvescraft. They are WoW's equivalent to magicarp
Back to the Void with you, freak!
They're not going anywhere so I'm fairly apathetic upon seeing them. I play one often enough that I've grown numb to seeing them. I'd say they don't fit in, but they look like Teenage Night Elves co-opting Draenei Tentacle hairstyles anyways, so it's not like the Alliance didn't already have Blue/Purple Skinned, Tentacle-Haired races as is. From that point of view they don't exactly stick out.

The minute I see a High Elf NPC or a Void Elf using the Orb of the Sin'dorei, however, that's when it strikes home just how much the Void Elves do not fit in. To see what could have been, what should have been, only drives home the poor quality of Void Elves.

If High Elves were playable I'd probably feel pity looking at Void Elves. Now it's only sadness.
When they were originally announced I was somewhat aggressively against them. Closer to their implementation I softened but did not fully abandon my stance. On one hand I somewhat appreciate that devs tried to have something a bit more than Blood Elves with a different eye glow; which is to me the most likely aesthetic result of implementing High Elves. On the other hand the Void Elves are quite the obvious !@# pull and, in addition to what miniscule lore they actually do have, feel a bit problematic to me; not so much because of their existence but rather the vocal reaction to it.

Basically what I'm saying is that I blame their implementation for the plague that is Playable High Elves threads and their equally annoying counters. I'm otherwise mostly indifferent about them. Since they aren't going anywhere I figure I'll keep an eye out for any lore developments they may get, if any; after all it would be nonsensical and generally hypocritical of me to shun them entirely.

Addendum: Also out of all the elven translations Ren'dorei sounds the absolute dumbest to me, to say little of the time the name was introduced.
I have no strong opinions on them in game, I hate the asspull lore though.
Love seeing fellow members of the void.

We have the most fabulous looks, even our racials agree.
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I thought High elves were already part of the game? The blue eye elves are what left of the high elves?
Yeah, high elves are all over the place as Alliance NPCs. They're a big part of the Alliance forces in most expansions and sometimes it seems like they're better represented than some playable races. In the Void Elf starting zone you see both high elf and blood elf NPCs training in the void, but the playable ones are all supposed to be blood elves for some reason.

I think your confusion stems from not knowing the lore. When you speak of high elves and blood elves, they are one in the same. The blood elves are the high elves.

“We must put this misery behind us. We must enter a new chapter! And so I say to you that, as of this day, we are no longer high elves! In honor of the blood that was shed throughout this kingdom, in honor of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our children, in honor of Anasterian... as of this day we will take the name of our royal lineage! As of this day, we are sin'dorei! For Quel'Thalas!”

— Kael'thas Sunstrider

Wait, I'm not Alliance anymore =(
It's awesome seeing some on the alliance side. Now if only highelves became a thing.
Out of curiosity, how many of you play a void elf because it’s the closest option to high elf on alliance? Personally I would play them for their good racials as WoW lore doesn’t really interest me
Meh. The only good void elf is a dead void elf.

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