Adding troops to missions causes failure.

Bug Report
Location of Bug: Mission Tables
Problem: Adding troops to a table mission bugs and resets success chance.
Affected Expansions: WoD, Legion, BfA.
Occurrence Rate: 20% of missions attempted on average.
Details: Adding your followers to a mission ensures greater than 100% success, adding troops on top then resets down to 45% success rate or lower while still playing the 200% completion/all hazards dealt with success jingle. Mission usually fails upon completion.
Client side attempted fixes: ( no effect from any attempted fix )
1: /console reloadui
2: Restart game client.
3: Removal of all mods/addons.
4: Repair game client.
5: Reinstall game client.
6: Attempt from a different PC.

This bug has now been in the game for four years over the course of three expansions and still hasn't been fixed. Can we PLEASE finally get this fixed once and for all?
I ran into this myself over time, on these ones i just left troops out of the picture.
11/12/2018 05:15 PMPosted by Donzulas
I ran into this myself over time, on these ones i just left troops out of the picture.

Might work if it isn't imperative for a 200% victory. Also, not fond of being told for 4 years and 3 expansions to work around a bug that should have been fixed within weeks of it first occurring.
Some of the new missions are considered to be "stealth" missions. Adding a minion to these prevents you from satisfying that, reducing your overall chance of success. There may well be others but that's the one which comes up most frequently, and the UI doesn't do anything to hide that you're voluntarily lowering your chances (though it does make it frustrating when a minion is required to counter a "curse").

Previous similar examples have also been user error, usually related to perks that require mission specific mission duration requirements being negated by perks which alter the mission duration (eg requiring over 8 hours for increased success chance, then reducing it below 8 hours).
It's not a bug. It is how Stealth missions work. There is often no way to 200% them but there is nowhere it says you are entitled to that every time.

And yes it is a bad design choice and I never do those missions except once each for the achievement.

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