Holy Priest LF Wed+Mon raiding guild

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I am a 3/9M exp holy priest LF chill raiding guild thats doing heroic/mythic each week wed+mon.

Currently on frostmourne alliance, willing to transfer(faction and server) if needed. Drop your guild and bnet and I will be in touch.

Hey bud I know you're only looking for wed and mon raid times. Would you consider wed and sunday?


If interested feel free to contact me on bnet Unsettled#1638
Hey there, We are raiding Mon, Wed & Thursday 9.50pm-12am, gmt+8.
Contact me if you are interested.

Thanks for the reply guys, I cant commit to regular attendance on a sunday or thursday at this time. Tues, Wed and Mon are the only days i can 100% attend week in week out(even day raiding is fine)

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