Nether Portal should be instant

Just like Affliction's Darkglare, Nether Portal is a long cooldown that can be used, only it's a 2.5 SECOND CAST. Demo locks are extremely immobile, so it makes sense to make Nether Portal instant cast.

It would feel very good, and it wouldn't negatively affect gameplay too much. We already have to cast Demonic Tyrant, having another long casted cooldown is just too painful.
Here is what i think should happen with nether portal.

nether Portal-baseline demonology-2.5 second cast-open a power portal to the nether summoninin a demonic tyrant to aid you and additional demons for every soul shard you spend. 1minute 30 second cooldown.

I think the spell should be baseline, summon our demonic tyrant and do the same thing it does now on top of the demonic tyrants effects on your current demons. This way this will be a powerful spell without wasting efforts on 2 long casts for a setup that can easily be interrupted.

The new talent should be this.

Demon Lord-passive-you may now summon up to two different primary demons (felguard,fel hunter, voidwalker,imp,succubus) and gain a passive ability based on the demons summoned.

Shadowflame shield-imp & void walked-reflect 8% damage to attacker.

Soul storm-passive-felguard + felhunter-chance when casting spells to activate soul storm. Soulstorm silence spell casters and stun melee for 3 seconds.

Etc... more abilities based on demon combination.

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