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Not sure if it’s a worn out topic but I’ve been 119 bg’ing for fun lately and having a blast, my question is, is it worth it to bg on my 110s to 119 if my gear is low? Been noticing if I’m on a class that isn’t my main that’s undergeared I lose a lot and it adds to frustration and loss of experience on my side. If I should anyway any tips on how to semi gear up other than questing they burn me out quick. Thanks
I leveled 3 toons through bg...very porrly geared

110 seemed bad.. i guess alot of twinks..
111-114 it gradually felt like I was getting strong
115-119 you feel like a god..

120 you feel like cannon fodder till you get about 330 ilevel

I have considered leveling a few to 119 then stopping xp... so i can just log in and play instead of playing keep up with the jones in ilevel.
i lvl most my alts through bgs. It's fun if you aren't a rubbish class/spec and if you don't solo queue.

I merc mode a lot, i find alliance on average are worse. If you want the most success i'd quest till 112. Get the first zone azerite piece, then do the 102 war campaign for another. So you can bg with 3x azerite.
Once you get to 111, you get get crafted gear and greens pieces to help fill in the gear gaps.
Both sides win and lose, it depends a lot on time of day and how well your team will work together.
I think the 111-119 is the most fun bracket to be in right now, though.
Justeria summoned it up well.
Some of my alts leveled through BGs and by the time they hit 120...some were still rocking Legion gear. My DH still was using an artifact weapon because on my way up, I could not find "2" weapons to replace my "1" artifact.

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