375 mistweaver

Hello! I am currently looking for a mythic raid team. My current progress is 2/8 mythic with experience on zek. I have been raiding since firelandsnin some capacity. Throughout legion I was able able to get mythic kills in the tier.

I am looking for a team with a steady roster and progression oriented mindset. I don’t mind switching to horde either. I would like to keep a 2 night raid schedule. I would also like to be no later than 12 eastern.

I love to play the game and go through progression. My attendance will be near perfect.

I also can link logs as well. I started on my disc priest this tier and have switched to my monk as that is my strongest skill set.

Please contact me on discord jymbo#3780.
That would be quickest responses.

Thank you!
<Nerve Gaming> 2/8M 4:30-7:30pm Server Tues/Thurs, Looking for a Skilled players for Our Mythic Roster! So we are Horde but we definitely want a Mist Weaver or if you ever feel like DPSing you can also switch.

So you get your 2 nights a week tuesdays and thursdays and we raid from 7:30-10:30 EST.

We also do M+, PvP, along with play lots of other games than just WoW. We are serious raiders but with the casual mindset of keeping things just fun for everyone and progressing together.

I added you on Btag and I look forward to talking with you!


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