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Normaly I am an altahaulic but this xpack is exhausting.
I have one main and two alts at 120. I also currently have every class between 110-120 that will probably get leveled at some point.
10/10/2018 09:28 AMPosted by Malkier
Just curious about the rest of the player base, but do you mainly keep to one character to maximize performance with achievements/rep/gear/etc, or main one, and split a bit of time with a few alts?
One character doesn't maximize performance with "achievements" or with some of "etc". There are achievements that are literally impossible if you only have one character, and you can't form your own private crafting economy unless you have every profession yourself, which requires alts.

As you can probably guess from that, I'm what they call an "altoholic". Have been since vanilla. At my peak during Legion, I believe I had fully 23 characters at the level cap.

My bare minimum goal is generally to get someone at the level cap with each profession on each faction, without using any dual-crafters (ie. all my smiths always have mining, as do all my engineers).

I don't always manage that, though I do always manage it for alliance.

My next goal after that is generally to experience the story as every class on each faction, though there are some expansions where that's more important (Legion) and some where it matters less (BfA).

EDIT: For the record, I currently have six 120s. Only one is horde. Alliance-side, the five are a druid/herbalist/alchemist, paladin/miner/smith, warlock/tailor/enchanter, shaman/skinner/LW, and hunter/miner/engineer. I'm still trying to decide between doing the jewelcrafter or scribe next, and/or a second horde alt.
I love multi-classing.
I've got this guy, a DH, and DK, working on my HPally atm, then my lock, then drood, then my ally rogue. Really want to level a Mage and Spriest this expac as well. :)
I play a character until I get bored of the class and play another
i play maybe 5 or 6 characters an expansion but i ensure to try and level all of them to 120 in case i want to level something else next expansion.
While I consider this my "main", I also have an ally "main", plus many alts that I play as the mood strikes.

Hello, my name is Brahmina, and I'm an altoholic.
You can never have only one main, Blizzard always manages to !@#$ up your class design making your main boring, make your main weak forcing you to reroll for high end game content or both.
1 main to do all the rep grind, pathfinder achievements, story quests and pug raid. Couple alts to do pug raid with no rep grinding/ achievements on them at all.
1 main for pushing high keys and playing the game more hardcore and competitively and one alt for lower end keys and playing the game in a more relax form
I'm a one character kind of person. Though I used to be an alt addict long ago.

I do pretty much everything on my one and only main. Alts I'll tinker with occasionally or level here and there, but I don't really play them much anymore.
One main and one alt that I try to keep up with somehow.
Just one toon gets boring fast but I don't have the time to play more than 2.
One main per faction.

This is my main for Alliance, and I have a Warrior for my Horde main.

I got an alliance alt to 114 before stopping. I feel BFA has nothing to offer alts at the moment. I won't consider starting an alt again until things change, like my main being able to collect BoS REP token from missions/WQs like in previous expansions.
Multiple alts, but now only two. I can't imagine going through this mess right now with more. I don't have time to play constantly.
I like to have 1 main and 1 alt. Any more then 1 alt and I get overwhelmed.
10/10/2018 09:29 AMPosted by Dinkleburg
I definitely would be option 1. Though I do play alts, its only when I feel I've done/completed most of what I was hoping to accomplish with my main.

^Pretty much this.
I have 1 main and 2-4 alts I keep geared and current and over the course of an expac i level cap 25-40 toons
I play a lot of alts... though I usually play my Paladin to max first and use her for rep grinds... but that's simply because she's a human so bonus rep....
Just one, this is my only 120. I have a very "all or nothing" personality, so I don't do alts so much as I do new mains.
Generally stick with rep, achievements on one char, but I do have a lot of characters (12 or 13 at 110, 2 chars at 120, 1 at 118 (this one), and a bunch at lower levels) but I don't do a whole lot with them, they are great for extra transmog runs in dungeons and raids, or for trying to get mounts from pandaria world bosses or old raid content though.

I do have an alliance and horde main, both of which are warlocks, had Pandaren been able to be warlocks I probably would have been one on the Neutral faction as well.

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