Play your favorite expansion version of classes in BfA?

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Obviously a pipe dream, but with classic coming back, it just reminds me of how many better iterations of specs and class design we've had over the years before Legion and BfA.

I loved DK unholy in WotLK.
I loved MoP survival hunter.

Wouldn't it be amazing (for buying a $60 game and paying $12-15 per month) to be able to play your favorite version of your class or spec in the updated content of Legion and BfA? Honestly, I really like the design and story and pve/pvp content in these newest expansions, but it is painful to play the actual characters, as most classes and specs are just miserable husks of their former glory.

Thus again, wouldn't it be amazing to choose a version of your favorite class design from a previous expansion?

What would you pick if you could play anything in BfA from past expansions?
MoP Bremaster ^.^
Vanilla shaman 2hnd windffury
Mop Warlock and hunter omg it would be amazing.
Wrath prot pally
good god, gimme that wotlk bear back! (er, prior to that whole swipe c/d fiasco that we shall not ever mention again)

i made up for bad dps in instances. i remember people wanting to kick under-performing dps and i'd be like, whatever i got dis. my SO -who played a priest- was always bored because of my seriously high dodge rate. good times, goooooood times. oh and i enjoyed pugging back then. crazy. ]:3
Bringing back MoP Destro would be a dream come true.

WoD BM and MM

Legion SP with BiS legendaries :(. I also really enjoyed Legion Feral druid.

TBC and WoTLK Rogues were extremely fun.
Mists everything.
10/13/2018 01:39 AMPosted by Krelanis
Bringing back MoP Destro would be a dream come true.

That was an amazing spec. So was mop sub rogue - i fell in love, then blizzard made me get divorced. Lol
This toon in LK with Shattering Throw. Popping bubbles in Wintergrasp was great!
MoP destro lock with the best version of KJC or WoD destro with charred remains.
TBC-era Affliction Warlock was probably the best that spec ever was. Ton of DoTs and debuffs that were actually useful, two schools of magic for lock outs, Shadow Bolt actually did damage, no stupid RNG combo points, and the game wasn't bloated with get-out-of-fail mobility yet.
It's legitimately an impossible choice as the memories of all the better renditions come flooding back.

Any prot warrior without a revenge cool down and armored to the teeth would be a-okay.

However as you said every class is not fun compared to old versions right now so the correct answer would be any other expansion any class.
Pretty much MoP versions of the classes I play but WoD MW was my favorite. Getting asked who the healer was in instances when I was just punching stuff to heal was so much fun. Yes you can still do it, but not the same to me.
Cataclysm arms warrior, those were the good days.
10/13/2018 01:16 AMPosted by Nvìncíboo
I loved DK unholy in WotLK.

Wrath had the best broken specs. If Mut/Prep was still a thing for Rogues, it would be the ONLY Rogue spec played in PVP. I love how Blizz never expected players to come up with totally OP specs they never imagined.
BC Fury Warrior
WotLK Deathknights
Cataclysm Holy Paladin (even though it was dumb as !@#$)
MoP Com Rogue, all three Monks, all DoT spellcasters, Protection Warrior
WoD Restoration Shaman
Legion Protection Paladin, Restoration Druid

At least off the top of my head. There were highs and lows in all expansions and I don't even play all classes in the game. It would be delusional to think that a game with so many layers of complexity would be perfectly designed and constantly improved all the time. Embrace the good, fix what fails.
Wrath and MoP Hunter... Siege of Orgrimmar SV tier bonus. Good memories.
Wrath DK was the most fun I've ever had in the game. Blood dps was just too much fun

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