[H]<Zenith> 2/8M Forming Hardcore Roster

Guild Recruitment
**Just Transferred to Horde on US-Area 52 from Alliance US-Proudmoore**

Raid Times (EST)
Tuesday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM
Wednesday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM
Thursday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM

Apply Here: http://asteriskguild.com (may change to http://zenithguild.com soon)

Who are we?
Zenith came together in March of 2018 with the goal of creating a highly competitive, but non-toxic raiding environment. We aim to produce an enjoyable raiding experience, while using our time as efficiently as possible. Our raid is comprised of highly-skilled and team oriented players that are self-motivated to achieve the goals we have set out to accomplish. Boss strategies are discussed constantly via discord and we actively look for the best way to approach an encounter together.

Our leadership has a decorated history of leading progression guilds at a high level. They are pro-active in making decisions that move us towards our goals. As we are progression focused, we value: performance, dedication, and community over all things. If you have talent, but are not willing to put in the work or have a poor attitude, then you are not for us. You are expected to go above and beyond to maintain your spot on our mythic progression team.

Apply if the following are true:
  • You want to progress at a high level with minimal time invested
  • You want to enjoy the players you raid with
  • You do not like or contribute to toxic environments
  • You enjoy leadership that takes care of problems proactively
  • You enjoy being part of a friendly community
  • You enjoy optimizing your character as much as you can
  • You put in time outside of raid to improve your performance
  • You put in time outside of raid to research encounters
  • You can take constructive criticism in a positive manner
  • You can pick up a class and master it within a reasonable amount of time
  • You own a microphone and can clearly communicate
  • The Recruitment Process:
    Once you have completed reading through our "About Us" page on our website, you may go to the application page by clicking "Apply" on our website. Fill out the simple form and wait for a response from one of our leaders.

    Once you are contacted, you will be setup with an officer for an interview. Interviews take roughly 10-20 minutes. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your abilities, history, and personality.

    If we decide to move forward from the interview process, we will conduct a trial run and make a final decision on whether to take you on as a trial or not. Once in the guild, you will be promoted to our trial rank (Aspirant), and will run content with us for the next couple weeks. We offer constant feedback on what needs to be improved or changed during this process, and if denied onto the raid team, you are welcome to stay on as a member.

    Contact List:
    Ruloh#11722 – Raid Lead
    Lilith#12189 – Co-Raid Lead
    Dammascus#1499 – Officer
    Novakowski#11944 - Officer
    Horde wut m9
    Come and join the shenanigans!
    Seeking Strong Hunters, Rogues, and possibly a Holy Priest
    Looking for strong rdps to push progression with! Could also use some rogues and a healer or two to bolster the ranks!
    Horde me daddy one more time
    Bump for the Horde!
    Horde bumperino
    Roster is looking solid. Need hunters and locks.
    Hunters where have you gone?
    Ranged DPS, rogues, tanks, we need you! We've already re-cleared up to Zek'voz with our new roster. Things look good over here.
    Seeking Hunter(s), a Mage, a Rogue and potentially a Resto Druid!
    Getting really close on Zek'voz.

    We have a few spots remaining to fill. Looking for a Rogue, Hunter, Demon Hunter, Mage or a Lock to help fill our few remaining Core spots.
    With Mythic CRZ active it is now easier than even to trial with us!
    Priority Recruitment Needs

    High: Rogue
    Medium: Hunter, Mage or Lock
    Low: Demon Hunter
    I need some sneaky snakes in my life!
    Good Morning / Afternoon!
    Weekend Night Lurker Bump!

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