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10/18/2018 11:33 PMPosted by Ninjastep
10/18/2018 11:31 PMPosted by Rakachu
Whatever he said in his last video is wrong though.

H-how dare you!? Take that back!

No. People are too eager to fully embrace an idea that only partially represents their own when it's from a famous or well spoken person. The result is a group of people frustrated by their inability to properly express themselves in relation to that idea, when they instead repeat the points of the famous person. This is not necessary the fault of the famous person (unless malicious manipulation can be proven), nor of the people who want to express frustration. It's just a thing to keep in mind.

Edit: on rereading it I want to say I don't think people always do this. I know it's something I accidentally do from time to time if I'm not careful. It's just really easy to take in more of an idea than you intend to.
10/18/2018 11:17 PMPosted by Shroudnsane
10/18/2018 11:09 PMPosted by Lunáfreya
This reads like a CNN excerpt.

As I've said in every other "Ban Asmongold" thread I've come across, you CANNOT ban someone for the reasons you list.

A: Blizzard cannot ban social media accounts, which is where he is conveying his message.

B: Asmongold is not inciting violence, and he is adhering to the rules of all the platforms he uses, so his speech is protected even if you don't personally like it. His speech is his (and our) constitutional right.

C: Asmongold is not wrong about the state of the game.

There is no legitimate case to ban him, no matter how much you dislike him or how offended you are by him. Being offended is not a legitimate reason for anything except you seeing a counselor.

Firstly, Blizzard CAN ban people on THEIR forums. I do think Blizzard should take this action because Asmongold only seeks to spread hate and negatively on here.

Secondly, Asmonogld is calling for aggressive behavior and there are plenty of examples to prove it... ALSO it is not his constitutional right because his speech is only protected from the government, and not from Blizzard...

Finally, Asmongold is wrong about the state of the game. He sees it through nostalgia goggles and his opinion the game and its systems are based entirely on a grand vision and perfect world where every part of the game is as HE sees fit. Never has he once considered the opinion of other people playing WoW, including yourself. He doesn't care.

There is a legitimate case to ban him and this isn't coming from me because I am offended, but because I want the forums to be a more constructive and positive environment.

Again, Asmongold is not using ANY Blizzard service to convey his thoughts. Blizzard has absolutely no say in Asmongold's fate. What his followers do is on them.

And let me just nip this in the bud before it goes any further. You make the claim that he calls for "aggressive" behavior, then cite some amorphous "body of evidence" that you apparently can't be bothered to provide actual examples of. But while I'll admit I've spent all of 30 minutes watching his content, I have never seen anything coming from him or his followers that constitutes violence, which is the disqualifier of free speech. Your extremely loose and misguided interpretation of what is considered "aggressive" behavior isn't even enough to silence him because he isn't inciting violence no matter how loose your interpretation is.

You can't move the goalposts from inciting violence to inciting "aggressive" behavior and say it is enough to disqualify his speech. It is not.

Why does this sound SO much like CNN? Are you actually Brian Steltzer in disguise?
10/18/2018 11:35 PMPosted by Shroudnsane
See how predictable they are...

Lmao, I can't believe people are defending this behavior...

10/18/2018 11:36 PMPosted by Shroudnsane
You are just trying to excuse me because you don't want people to listen to what I saying... I know what you are doing...

You are giving yourself away OP.
You know if this thread gets brought up on stream he is going to roast you right? Im sure you knew that though, that's why you came in here on an alt 110.

Also when he says anything about people coming to the forums he explicitly states he wants his viewers to do so in a respectful and constructive manner when advocating for a change. He even roasted one of his own viewers on stream because he came on the forums and did the exact opposite.

Just because you don't like that he is crass and vulgar on stream, doesn't mean his views are any less valid than anyone else. It just so happens that he has a larger soap box to stand on than you or I.

I don't particularly agree with all of Asmongold's views but he does make fair points. That's the beauty of having an opinion, everyone has them and none of them are inherently wrong just subjectively wrong.

Banning him from the WoW forums doesn't prevent him from reading the forums. Banning him from the game doesn't prevent him from reading the forums.

Naming and shaming is bad on the forums so ya know.

Oh and did you know you can link your Amazon account with Twitch and give a free sub to your favorite streamer?~McCool
Asmongold owes Pilav $500
10/18/2018 11:39 PMPosted by Rakachu
It's just a thing to keep in mind.

That sarcasm flew so over your head.
nah no reason to ban him. hes very passionate about the game from what i can tell the little bit i watched him here there while watching other wow videos in backround.

I find him annoying in a lot of ways but you cannot buy that kind of passion. right or wrong hes good for the game.

im exactly the type of player he doesn't like and vice versa id never want to play with him. but passion is passion.
10/18/2018 11:47 PMPosted by Ninjastep
10/18/2018 11:39 PMPosted by Rakachu
It's just a thing to keep in mind.

That sarcasm flew so over your head.

Nah. I just wanted a better line than " I disagree with whatever you said". Then the idea ran away from me.
I don't know who he is but banning is way too harsh not like he is here posting.
10/18/2018 10:53 PMPosted by Lull
All the dude does is read the forums on stream. Can't ban a dude for that. And pretty sure you still can read the forums whilst banned, so a ban would solve nothing.

That sounds so boring.
Can we have the dislike button back on the forums?
I'm so glad I'm an adult and don't care what some lame streamer says about games and the like. I'd hate to be that brainwashed.
What a joke.

Sure, banning the guy will absolve the forums and community from toxicity.

Good grief. Did you even read what you wrote before posting?

I happen to agree with a lot of what he says. Should I be banned also?

Dissenting opinions are tough for some to accept I suppose.
10/18/2018 11:09 PMPosted by Shroudnsane
10/18/2018 11:06 PMPosted by Nemsmess
he's never once told anyone to come here.

stop being a loser.

Just today Asmongold and his slimy associate Mcconnell encouraged his followers to come out to the forums and other sites to spread propaganda about changing the game to favor a more toxic and elitist audience...

But you probably don't believe facts, and just give automated responses to protect your asmonGOD...

How do you know that he and McConnel did this encouraging?

Apparently you are watching his stream.

I am conviced after reading every one of your posts that you are just an attention !@#$%.

You will be watching his next stream hoping that he mentions this thread.
I wish we could attach gifs in these forums.... the salt and tears are flowing like diarrhoea after some spicy Mexican.

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