[H] <Defaced> Recruiting!

<Defaced> is a raiding guild on Horde Barthilas, looking for more members to join our ranks for raids and M+!

We are currently 7/8H and raid Thursday & Sunday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server time.

Currently recruiting DPS and 1-2 Tanks

Interested? Leave a message here or contact me in game.

Btag: Rykz#1335
Hey mate I'm currently a senior figure in Oath, we are also 7/8H and 1/8M we have a guardian druid a protection paladin a restoration shaman a demon Hunter dps. We're looking to progress we're not willing to leave out own guild but are Happy to come a compromise. We genuinely want to progress, most of our progressing has come from pugs and we're quite frankly tired of it .
Currently looking for a new guild after getting to 6/8H with my last one (was on a MW monk) before the team disbanded. 352 ilvl HPriest, but gearing as fast as I can. If interested, you can chat to me in game: Ghostdog#123649. Cheers
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the replies, I'll make sure to get into contact with each of you this week!

Still recruiting DPS!
Currently recruiting 1 tank and ranged dps for Heroic progression and moving into Mythic when we have 20 people!

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