What are your earliest WoW memories?

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Leveling on my way to 40 and seeing someone run by me on a mount. If I could just get one of those...

I cry about not being able to fly, but man, hoofing it before level 40 was the worst. I feel sorry for everyone going to play Classic. That grind was a nightmare, but the end game was worth.
This is earliest WoW memories. I start Dark age of Camelot in 2004, round the same time WoW release. Back in 2005-2006, I and a old friend and his dad were playing DAoC at said friend's house. They had three computers. I think they had four. Anywho.
WoW came up while we are taking a break to eat. So this part a tad fuzzy. The jest of what my friend's dad said "WoW is bad and the game wont make it."

Firstly, classic WoW/tBC was garbage compare to DAoC. Secondly, WoW still going. He was half right.

My next early membery of WoW was some years later around Cata when another friend was talking about WoW. We were going to play together once I got internet where I was at time. Never happen. He quit end of Cata and I join WoW start of Legion.

I did play Warcraft 3.
Logging in for the first time and being told to reroll by my brother-in-law (who bought me the game) because I shouldn't play a female character (as a guy). Of course he quit a few weeks later due to life being hectic and 2 of my 4 60s in Vanilla ended up being female characters.
Buying the game on Easter when Wrath was the current expansion I was pretty young, waiting all night for it to install on my laptop, create my character and run into Stormwind and get turned into a rabbit and told to collect eggs and I thought that's all the game was so I never played again until Cata.
My first character was a blood elf hunter during tbc. I played on a crappy laptop getting 15fps on the lowest setting and I loved every minute of it.
Playing with a lvl 15ish orc warrior in Stone Talon Mountains. We grouped together in the hopes of surviving because the world was big and dangerous and neither of us knew much about it.

Good times.
Absolutely boring gameplay low level back during Vanilla days.

Taking forever to kill mobs and do quests that didn't give you any reward whatsoever. Walking, walking, walking, and lots of walking.

I "quit" and then played again for awhile and "quit" and then played again, starting characters on various servers, never getting past Level 20-30 or so until a friend of mine convinced me to start a character on Moon Guard. Got to Level 60 like... a month or so after Burning Crusade went live, got to Level 70 and started raiding Karazhan when Black Temple was released, as a Prot Warrior...

And I really don't get why people have these ridiculous rose-colored glasses for Classic, or even TBC. Stuff was just too primitive and boring back then. Wrath was OK-ish, but MoP is where the game really shined.
When I got my azerite necklace. That moment changed my life.
Getting scared when I opened up my map for the first time and almost everything was blank and then getting lost in iron forge for like 3 hours. Ah memories.
Just after the first release, meeting about 3 other players and then sitting on the ground in a circle by the inn in Goldshire talking about forming a guild...that ent on to become 6th on the realm :) I always remember that little group sitting on the ground just starting out. This was my first experience with a multiplayer game like this.
Back in 2012 I was 12 years old and me and my dad played together ( he stopped once pandas got introduced ) and he made a random character and spent about 25 minutes trolling me through /w before I finally ran down stairs to check, he was laughing so hard and loved that moment so much that to this day, even though he doesn't play, he still brings it up around his co-workers. (His characters name was Snigglenuts to top it off)
2007, lvl6 noob duel in Goldshire. The rouge didn’t realize Humans had a racial ability to see stealthed targets for a few seconds at the time. A lot of spamming ‘Smite’ followed.
Looking for a guild that will repair my gear for me. Oh wait I still do that.
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being helped hands on by a GM to get whirlwind axe


Yep interaction with the GMs during vanilla and bc made the game more fun and friendly!
Walking, walking, walking, and lots of walking.

MoP is where the game really shined.

yes the walking/running!! And remember the world tour quests that would take you all over to complete or would send you from one end of a zone to the other and back to turn in...walking/running? Gah!!!
I leveled to 20 with a Night Elf Druid on Teldrassil in open beta. Then a RL friend playing a Gnome came and my dad and I followed him through Darnassus to the portal, onto a ship, and we then realized that this was just a very small island in a huge world.

We died multiple times to Crocs in Wetlands as we made our way to Ironforge. As we entered the city, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.
One of the most prominent for me was on my undead mage. I'd just made my way out of deathknell and was headed for brill, and who do I see in my path? Gordo! The abomination! It really knocked my socks off to this creature I'd seen so many times in WC3 up close and personal.
started playing WoW at 12. Played a night elf warrior

somehow got to ironforge. Asked for gold to by a green iron helm because it looked cool.

Parents banned me off the game because they were scared of pedos on the internet lol
I remember I found a blue hammer once from killing a random ogre in Duskwood. Then, being a 7 yo kid at the time, I just sold it to a vendor instead of putting it on the AH, where I could've made like 15-20 gold.

THEN, about ten levels LATER, I decided to farm raptors in STV for hours, for xp or something. And I found an epic BOE called the Staff of Jordan, which I then sold on the AH for hundreds of gold.
Trying to find that little guy in the draw to the left of the spider cave in the NElf starting area, then run back to get the antidote and get back to him before he died. We're not going to discuss how many times I had to do that before I finally "saved" him. lol

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