I'm so sorry, I killed him

Loque'nahak died at my hands.

Leveled up this new Nightborne after being an Undead hunter since Cataclysm. I thought, hey, I need to go get some of the rare tames I have on my old hunter. Pop over to Sholazar, Loque wasn't there so I logged off. Came back an hour later and bam! he was right in front of me! A pet that people spend weeks trying to tame, I had spawn in front of me after 2 seconds of trying. Tried to tame him and "creature not tamable." Thought he was bugged, so I tried to put him in combat to see if that fixed it and I killed him instantly. It was only then that I realized I forgot to go into BM spec.

I feel like I should have to delete this hunter out of shame haha!
I remember after I had tamed him, I needed to get the achieve for hunting the Northrend rares. He was my last one.

Next 2 times I saw him, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, I whispered some Hunters in the zone and pulled them over.

Eventually I saw him again and most of the zone was empty. Worst achievement ever.
Oh come on, it's not weeks anymore, it's more like hours. Old content is deader than dead. It's Blizzard's wish be done - by design (tm).
Now you can get the achievement credit by taming loque, at least.

And oof, sorry to hear about the squished loque. You'll see him again, surely.
No biggie. He's really not that rare anymore. You can see him again 2 hours after taming him in warmode at least.
I'm guessing you were on emerald dream when you saw Loq, correct?

Make up for it by telling us which spawn point you were at and what the server time was.
I accidentally one-shot Sambas back in WoD.

Finally found him and I landed. I only meant to tap him and I thought he had plenty of hps for that.


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