Balance of Power - Emerald Nightmare

I'm having a hellova time finding/making group for EN to do my Balance of Power. Really wishing I would've done it in Legion.

Any tips? Can this be solo'd on Normal? I suppose it could, but dont really want to spend 2 hours in there.
I would think normal would probably be doable. Dragons might present a problem if you don’t melt them quick.

I am sure others have done it. I have not gone back to any legion content since it is on personal loot and not legacy.
EN can be soloed on 10 man by a 340 enhance shaman with medium level soloing experience (and who had never been in there before). My only trouble was with Ursoc the bear, it is basically a race to kill him before he kills you, save your burst for when he get his damage buff.

I am however stuck on Nighthold. Can get through the first section and kill a few of the inside bosses but not enough for the shard quest and certainly not the end bosses you also need, even with now 354 ilvl. I figure it can wait till the inevitable ilvl raises in future patches. If it wasn't urgent enough for me to do in Legion it isn't really that urgent now lol.
Look for transmogrification runs, or start your own. I've seen them a few times. Bonus points if you do a Glory active run.

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