Show Me Your Skimpy Mogs! :D

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Hey everyone!
Hello, ladies.~
This is probably my skimpiest mog.
10/26/2018 10:56 PMPosted by Sayahna

I'm waiting on a male plate thong
10/27/2018 12:29 AMPosted by Khloe
Hey everyone!

That looks awesome Khloe, I just wish for the BE / VE our boots were a bit smaller and fit tighter
I'll dance on a mailbox for 10 gold
Does this constitute as skimpy?

Man nips open for milking~
Does this count? This is my "I graduated from worgen rehab with a D minus and I still won't let them bathe me" mog
define skimpy in the context pls (google translate is not my friend on that one)
10/27/2018 12:11 AMPosted by Ayaani
Full armor >>>> Ridiculous skimpy metal bikinis

Fight me.

Why even post here? You knew what kind of thread this was going to be by the Titillating Title. Either shake what the Naaru gave ya or go post elsewhere.

*Roomchazzi smacks her Bountiful Booty at Ayaani with maximum sass*
Love me!!!! LOVE ME!!!!
Only 3 of mine currently in skimpy stuff...

My poor warrior..forever waiting for my slacker friends to get their Herald of the Titan characters ready... /sigh. Been waiting since WoD, lol.

Have my alliance warlock too, but it's kinda blah.
No one seems to like this mog, it doesn't really match well but I put some effort into it.
behold my skimpy glory!
do i qualify for da skimp?

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