[A] <Shiden> 8/8H 2/8M recruiting for Mythic

Guild Name: Shiden
Realm: Kel'Thuzad [A]
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST

Heroic is on farm. Bulking up for Mythic and PUGing them as we can. Goal for next raid wing is to start on Heroic and quickly transition to Mythic ASAP.

- Able to commit to the raid times and make them with relative certainty
- Good attitude with the ability to stay chill even when wiping
- Discord available for voice comms

Guild focused on Heroic and Mythic raids. We run Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm until 11pm EST. We will push onto Mythic as we continue to bulk up. The focus right now is on building a strong group of people, not just randoms who get gear together. To that end, we are striving to strike the balance between a great group of people who have fun and a strong guild that shows up and gets stuff done.

Most of our members come from a long-standing multi-game guild and have been friends for awhile before this. A group of us came back to WoW for BFA and are looking to focus on raiding and progression together. We are a chill group but have a lot of raid experience from either old-school WoW (Vanilla/BC days) or comparable MMOs.

We expect members to show up and be ready to start playing by 8pm. Get your drinks, tell your kids you love them, tranquilize the dog. We start on time because we respect the time of our members. Beyond that, we expect people to show up to *most* nights. Life happens. That's fine -- take nights off, don't burn out. We just want a reliable and dependable group of people.

If you're looking for "hardcore raiders who grew up and are now kind of casual but still not" then this is the group for you. What it's not about is bringing in elitists that fester a bad attitude. It's about growing together as a group and figuring these things out. No ego. No bull!@#$. Let's have a good time and get it done.

Classes in Demand
Tank - We are full up on tanks but any DPS that is able to tank is always valuable.
Damage - Looking for a Havok DH. All exceptional DPS considered.
Healer - We are in need of talented healers! Need a Holy Priest and one other healer.

Priority Classes: Havoc DH, Holy Priest

BattleNet: Sange#1922
Discord: JediSange#1982
Character name: Satorinami

Interested? Send me a message or post here.

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