Not Ideal Recruiting for Uldir


Raid Times:
Weekday team 8/8N 5/8H
Tuesday 7Pm-9pm Friday 7pm-10 Server

Weekend Team 8/8N 7/8H 1/8M
Saturday/Sunday 7pm-10pm Server

Mythic Mondays for Keystone groups

Current Recruitment
Mistweaver/Fistweaver/Windwalker Monk
Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Retribution Paladin
Havoc Demon Hunter

Any skilled players will be considered for raid team. Mature group, friendly and calm raid environment for the most part. If you have any questions please contact Misselbie#1759 or True#1326
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A great group of people
A little more info on the raiding aspect: feasts/cauldron are usually at every raid. It's typically only two nights a week raiding but a lot of players have toons on both raid teams. This makes us a fairly adaptive guild in that if your life doesn't really allow for a ton of in-game time we've got you and if you just want to raid all of the time, you can do 4 nights a week. If you only make one night, you're not suddenly an outcast on the bench. Extremely casual attitude with much better progression than what's considered a casual guild.

I have been in a lot of guilds across 4 servers. This guild is definitely one of the best. One major thing missing from this guild that is in so many is favoritism. I've yet to see it. It's also very resilient. I've seen one core group become much further ahead than everyone else in ilevel and leave and the spots were just filled by another group that learned to raid together and pick up where they left off.

I highly recommend this guild for anyone that likes the raid times. Don't worry about recruitment 'needs' too much. The ones listed in the OP are outdated, for one thing, and I've yet to see somebody benched for being the wrong class.

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