What happened to "WARFARE" <H>..... :(

Blackhand and Galakrond
SOOOO.... back in vanilla, I used to play a troll mage name Quinearle on this server. at the time, I played in and raided with the guild Warfare. Warfare was the best guild on the horde side from BWL all the way to Naxx(pre BD). I would assume that they were still first place on horde after that but I quit the game right before the expansion so I do not know.... I just came back to the game a couple of months ago on a different server but I was just curious if there are still players on this server from the vanilla days, players that remember warfare and could tell me what happened to them or where they went... Did Rahjen(Bob Ross) finally get burned out on raiding and dissolve the guild or something?
Where did Rahjen, Wari, Hallucinate, Bane, Wilton, Dlingyboy, etc go....
Former Warfare here. They transferred to Malganis after blackhand died during cata. The players you list have mostly quit. Wari sometimes comes on in my guild since he was a member of both. Sorry to break it to you. I went by Pumaran at the time. I was a Shaman.
I absolutely remember you my friend..... that's crazy.. I cant believe that blackhand died... back in our day, it was one of the top servers in the world..... we were top 5 for AQ unlock and the server was always full and had to wait in que at times. Ohh well, it is what it is. Im not sure if you remember me bud but I just figured I would see if anyone is still out there.
I remember you Quin. I think we may need another server merge. Not
enough people to do things with. The server has one guild on Alliance pushing mythic hard. Didn't use to be like this.

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