is it hard to get groups as holy?

for arenas, mythic+ and raids...?
From my understanding, holy is THE healing class for BfA. I could be wrong because I don't have the experience to back this up, but in regards to several youtube vids, holy is top dps
I read some people sad and wanting to reroll because they didn't get invites, they said that everyone prefered monk or disc for pve, and i think shaman for pvp
H pal is middle of the pack.

In M+ Rdruid, MW monk, and disc priest are all better than H pal.

In arena H pal is being kept afloat due to how broken RMPala is and that they hard counter sin rogues. They are one of the only healers that can survive a RMP opener. Without that, we'd be overshadowed by Rsham more than we are and monk/disc would be more represented than us.

In RBGs we are more there for dispels and utility to keep other healers alive. MW and disc are perfered over us.

In raids we are middle of the pack. We do less damage than disc priest, ~10% less healing than disc. We do ~8% less than holy priest. We do ~5% less than MW. Our utility is still good, so we still have a shot at a spot, but we are no longer deemed 'needed' like prior expansions.

As for getting groups. If you have a high you can get into M+. If you have good mechanics understanding and perform well - you'll get into raid groups. If you run cheesy comps like RMPala or play really well, you'll get into arena teams. If you dispel a lot and can utilize your utility well - you'll get into RBGs.

H paladin just has to play a lot harder vs. MW, Disc priest, and Holy priest in PvE, and need to play harder than Rsham, disc priest, and MW in PvP to get similar results as them.
We have to play harder for less fun.

At least in raid.
Once you have a bit of gear m+ is still pretty fun.

I think we're in a decent spot for getting groups. There are just some issues with how the gameplay feels ATM.
Hpal is top tier for m+ and great utility for arena.
H pal isn't in the best place right now. We lack in mobility, we need to hard cast for less healing than a holy priest and we have to choose between mana starving or spam the emo "healing" spell.
If you want to reroll to one, think twice.
I’m just starting m+ on a hpal alt and it’s def less fun than a Druid. We’re forced into melee and I often find ranged out of range of beacon which then really reduces efficiency. That forces me to get behind after which it really gets painful.

I can see how a hpal could be top in organised high level m+ but in pugs where people don’t play to it’s strengths it’s just a pain.
To answer your question, no. As a holy paladin I don't have any issues at all getting into Normal/Heroic PuG runs or M+.
10/28/2018 11:13 AMPosted by Sivannie
for arenas, mythic+ and raids...?

god no. I have people straight up bothering me day and night just to heal anything under the sun. when I say hey im like 380 in ret they say don't need that and if ur 356 in holy don't care just come with. so yes its stupid ez
sadly this is true, run around cutting yourself while your holy shock is on cooldown.
seems plenty strong in all content types.

I have been playing all three specs because they all feel a bit dull after a while.
I might be nuts and am just starting to gear to where i feel like I can get going in m+ and raiding regs/heroic, but I like my holy paly way more than my other healers. I've mained a R-druid with a MW off-alt in prior expansions and was planning on the druid again for BFA but both are geared to 340ish (and a disc priest at 343 as well) and I'm rocking way more heal output on the paly than i do on the druid. I kinda am enjoying holy paly so far out of the 3 for healing. I'm planning on venturing into mythic 5-man content this week & weekend so maybe my opinion will change. But so far I like it
I disagree with people saying Holy Paladin is top for Mythic Plus. I think it would be helpful if those who think they could outline in more detail why they think that. Saying they have "utility" doesn't really elaborate to me. Perhaps there is simply something I am not following with the class. I find way too often the utility it brings is often overshadowed by the heavy movement required and lack of throughput in Mythic+ situations that are much more routine than say a situation to use BoP, BoF, or others.

As someone who plays resto druid and MW Monk as well as Paladin I would strongly prefer either of those classes over my Paladin due to sheer throughput.

I will qualify that I don't heal a ton of high level keys, and would also say what is high level to some may not be to others. Players can be in different spots in progression and that is 100% understandable to me.

In general, if I am running a higher level key, and I have a group I am not familiar with with, much prefer Druid or Monk. If I have a higher level key with a group of very solid DPS who know mechanics and are not prone to mistakes then Paladin is a solid option.

I have not spent a ton of time with it yet and maybe it depends on what content someone wanted to do, but the healing class of BFA to this point to me seems to be Priest. Perhaps subject to change a little with 8.1

Overall OP, Holy Paladin is okay, a little bland, a little weak in throughput in my opinion, but overall still brings things to the table for various content.
You need crit once your secondary catches up they are strong. But playing sub 20% crit feels so bad. Virtue beacon + melee wings are godly for mythic+.
Speaking to pvp: I hit 120 on my pally yesterday and made a "0cr looking to cap" lfg group and had like 20 applicants in 2 min. Think I ended up like 18-10 or something with 280ilvl starting out playing with a rando DH and aff. lock in 2s. Poor geared hpal 2s felt way easier than on my rdruid when I first hit 120. Can't speak to 3s, but judging by how good rogue/mage/hpala is right now and how sin and fire aren't really getting nerfed, and how every other team you see in 3s at 1800+ is either r/m/x or turbo (which rmpala does really well against), finding people to play with shouldn't be hard at all.

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