Setting up players

I literally beat the hell out of Kill Command and it won't go off when it needs to go off. You can barley even hit Cobra shot at that time and it goes off no problem at all...

You're intentionally setting up players to reduce their ability to do high dps. Why are you doing this to players? I don't feel like hitting kill command 3 times, when I should only have to hit it once...

Stop INTENTIONALLY screwing players.
In other words... GCDs are intentionally rigged

Cobra Shot = Insta GCD
Kill Command = Insta GCD

Yet, when I need to cast a certain ability, that is insta cast, it won't let me cast it immediately.
I’m confused, are you saying these spells shouldn’t be on the gcd? Because that would be seriously op to all heck. Unless you are saying all instants across all classes should be off the gcd. that would make sense but the gcd is there to regulate dps as well as make it harder for bots and macros to take over the game
Kill command (and most other "pet" abilities) are super wonky when playing BM. I can mash kill command all day in pvp and its hard as hell to get the ability to go off. Then I switched to Survival and I can use kill command even with my pet 30 yards away from the target. It's horsecr@p.

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