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Does charge allow you to jump the stun or will it be like retail where any movement is halted
Ok heres something else, test the racials out. Human perception, test it for its stealth detection bonus. Orc stun resist is another one, it was 25% iirc during 1.12, Troll berserking gave a variable haste bonus depending on your hp level.
My checklist:

-Bow shoots arrows
-Gun shoots bullets
-Gun sounds like gun
Not sure it will be possible (don't remember class trainers in Westfall) but...

Respeccing? Including does it wipe the spell ranks of the spec specific stuff for that extra little gold sink?
I remember in original game running into water to survive because (some?) mobs won't swim and would stand on the edge of it

test see if mobs follow you into water!
I remember some profession trainers in xroads. Please check them out to see if professions are implemented. Further on that note, see if there are herbs and mining nodes in the world even if you can't loot them.

Please go through all the tabs to see if everything has been implemented like a guild tab, honor tab, social tab, etc.

As others have said, debuff limit.
My guess is they spawn a few trainers at the crossroads and SH, just for the purpose of the demo. Can't wait to see some classic. We should have a thread here to give our thoughts on what we tested.
11/01/2018 06:38 PMPosted by Elack
I made a list before and was planning to post a similar thread closer to when the demo comes out so anyway heres my list...

1/pet shrinking, this is a stupid effect they added in warlords of drainallthefun!
your huge voidwalker looks about as wide as a tauren to you kind of looks average sized to everyone else!

this is much more visible in infero/doomguard as they shrink down comical amounts compared to their original size. ending up looking about half height of what they should to everyone else! being around the same size as a humanoid. (unfortunately those two won't be in to test)

2/world exploration at level 14 with hunter using /cast !Eagle Eye macro to make it act exactly like far sight! should be able to explore the entire world using it! it can even go through invisible walls if you hit the right position, so go nuts exploring to see whats in!

3/debuff stacking I posted this on a few threads in the past but get a raid of 40 people to test debuff stacking numbers on a mob!

4/progressive itemization, see what versions of what items are in?

5/pet mode aggressive!

will post more if I think of any

Progressive itemization might be hard to tell with the limits.
If there is a classic toggle button in menu of things...
Testing if hunters get pets right away or have to do the hunter pet quests...

Arrows or bullets...
1. Hunter auto-shot should not fire while the character is moving.
2. You should be able to time your auto-shots so that if you stop moving at the right moment you will fire your auto-shot. (staggered shots)
3. Check on weapon skills (In the leaked screenshots everyone appeared to have 0 weapon skills, so I'm wondering if that's working)
See if crushing blows is 3 levels higher or 4. It originally used to be 3, but it got moved to 4 at some point.
also check glancing blow %
The rare in the graveyard along the coastal road in West fall may pop up.
Check raid interface. Are we using modern raid frames or vanilla frames.
11/01/2018 04:16 PMPosted by Vandal

2. Moon walking, wall walking.
3. "front" stabbing


Moon walking probably won't work but wall walking seems to be in.
Frontstab probably won't work, but hope it does!
11/02/2018 06:39 AMPosted by Elack
I remember in original game running into water to survive because (some?) mobs won't swim and would stand on the edge of it

test see if mobs follow you into water!

To expand on this can you hide in the water and see if other players find you?
11/01/2018 04:52 PMPosted by Deatheye
Classic Soundeffects, I need them. I hate the new sounds for Critical Hits, Mortal Strike or Backstab etc.

God I second this so hard. I have no idea who thought “wooshing” would be a cool sound effect compared to the skull crushing axe crit sound effects we had before.
11/01/2018 04:52 PMPosted by Eilethalua
Hmmm, not really my area, but can DR (diminishing returns) be tested in duels?
I tested DR against mobs and it's there, don't think it will be there in launch tho
out of interest were a lot of these things tested ?

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