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Nerf all the horde racials into the effin ground.

This is a good start but I think 2 mins cd on AC is still too short. Up it to 5 mins.

Up he CD on berserking

Nerf orc racial

Nerf Tauren racial

Remove goblin racial

Give zandalari troll a watered down trinket and rep bonus as racial

Buff alliance racials
Someone needs a hug
nah, horde racials don't need further nerfing

alliance does need better pve racials though

solution isn't to ruin other racials
11/01/2018 06:22 PMPosted by Snuggi
Someone needs a hug

No joke. Alliance player here. Did someone hurt you?
lol plays a fantasy mmo,plays a human.....
Whenever a Orc says Zug zug, their stats increase by 200% for .5 of a second.

How about making ally racials better instead of nerfing horde ones?

You realize the end-result of this system of erosion of uniqueness is a bland bread sandwich. Nothing unique, no race fantasy or "RPG" element to selecting your character.

Careful what you wish for there.
This... will... change... nothing...

Even making Alliance racials way better aren't going to change things much.

There's no way around.
In my opinion, the remaining 50 Alliance Guilds need to 'git gud'.

Naw, kidding of course. Or maybe I wasn't. Who knows?

Regardless, overtly nerfing Horde racials aren't doing to do anything.
No you! Be nice to Horde friends please. Asking for others to suffer to make yourself feel better is just rude.

And I'm a Gnome. They've nerfed our racial (escape artist) into the ground so much it's useless.

(puts out a little tray of cookies for all to enjoy)
Everytime I get feared in a raid or dungeon, and I use my racial to break out of it, I am smugly looking down on all you not zombie losers.
I remember when dwarf rogues had a solid edge in PvP because they could stoneform off bleeds then vanish. No other rogue could get rid of bleeds like that. Was a really neat perk to picking dwarf rogue.

Those were cool times.
I'm a firin' up muh war stomp RIGHT NOW!
11/01/2018 06:40 PMPosted by Tug
I'm a firin' up muh war stomp RIGHT NOW!

Excuse me while I use my in door speed buff to move out of the way.
Let's nerf the human racials instead
11/01/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Hamoron
Let's nerf the human racials instead

Every time a human whines about the rep grind, Sylvanas makes another nelf Forsaken.

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