Would you play WoW mobile?

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The original trailer for diablo immortal has over 232k downvoted compared to 7.7k upvotes.


With the way the WoW team has been handling things like GCD, pruning, followers, and mission table, I’d hazard a guess that they have seriously considered WoW mobile.

Would you play?

Would you be happy with it if that was the only way to access a new expansion?

Would you also be happy to know that the devs took all of their time to work on WoW mobile as opposed to WoW for PC?
Hell no.
I think mobile is how they are going to create two different versions of a game, while making both types of players happy.

The people currently happy with how different Diablo 3 is from Diablo 2, likely are the ones who will play Diablo mobile. Then, to satisfy the PC gamers, there will be a Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 Remastered.

Same with WoW perhaps? The WoW players who eat up all the modern changes to game, will probably not mind playing WoW on mobile. Then, to satisfy the PC gamers, there will be Classic WoW, from which they will create more expansions off of, but within the PC branch of the game.

This is beneficial to them monetarily, because the actual sale of a game is where they make a big chunk of money. Instead of only selling Diablo and WoW, they can sell Diablo PC, Diablo Mobile, WoW PC, and WoW Mobile.
Lol no. Mobile games suck.
Your name is Bloodstool. Ew.
I did, it's called Order & Chaos Online. Ironically it was better BFA imo.
No interest in mobile games. If they ever didn't have a PC wow, I would not play wow.
No. I don't care for mobile games whatsoever.
No. Because there’s no way they make a mobile game that isn’t filled with micro transactions. Micro transactions are what makes mobile games so lucrative.
Gamers don’t play mobile games because they’re all P2W. There’s too much money on the table for them not to be. These games are designed for ultra-casuals to play 10 minutes at a time during lunch breaks and the train ride home. For people who don’t care about micro transactions because they don’t play very often.
They’re not designed for people who love games and want to play for hours, they’re designed for people who are bored in their doctor’s waiting room.
I never played a mobile game. The screen is way too small. I don't like it at all.
Even for internet I'll only use my phone if I'm not home.
If it was only a mobile client for standard WoW and required a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse I'd use it, sure. But if it was a separate, dumbed down game then I wouldn't even download it.
No. I've played off and on nearly since launch, but if the game ever went mobile that is the day my subscription would end. I used the mobile app for auctions and stuff when I wasn't home but if it was fully mobile I would be done.
Dude, I don't even play regular WoW anymore. A mobile WoW could die in a fire.
The only mobile game I've ever actually played was Kingdom Hearts. That's mostly due to the fact that that series freaking starves you for any storyline satisfaction due to it's cliffhangers and terrible production schedule.
No. I play Words with Friends with family and that's pretty much it. What I've seen up close on phones seems clunky and boring. Plus I would need a massive phone upgrade over mine which works just fine, didn't cost $700-$1000 or come with a payment plan just for the device.
Guaranteed microtransactions and likely to be a battery hog. Yeah I think not. This is not how you break into the mobile market. They should have done a new IP, but they can't do anything but recycle EVERYTHING now-a-days.
As a supplement to current WoW? Absolutely.

As a replacement for current WoW? Boooooo is this an early April Fool's joke?
I play mobile games, but nothing serious. If it's mobile it's usually some sort of idle game, or a physics racer.
Hell no.

Mobile games are awful.
No, I just want them to bring back the mobile armory.

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