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Wyrmrest Accord
In times of war and strife, it is important to still take the time to enjoy the quiet moments, to remember your history, and to learn of other cultures. And there is no better place to do as such than at Story Circle: A tradition that Wyrmrest Accord has seen for years!

Though the concept a Story Circle is certainly not a unique one, and there have been many done through the years both on other servers and on Wyrmrest Accord, this Story Circle has gone on without fail for years upon years, near the formation of the server itself! First hosted by Earthspear, and now by the Wolfmane Tribe, the history of Story Circle could be a story itself! So come, join us in this tradition, and listen to some stories or even tell one of your own!

What is this?
This is the weekly Story Circle!

When is this?
Story Circle is every single week on Sunday, at 6:30 PST/ST!

Where is this?
Story Circle takes place in Bloodhoof Village always, unless otherwise stated! Specifically, by the bonfire!

Who is it for?
Since Story Circle takes place in Bloodhoof Village, NPCs are typically not going to be too friendly toward Alliance and as such we do advertise this as a Horde event. That said, if some friendly Alliance do happen to drop in and sit with the group, we certainly won't turn them away! Though be aware you probably aren't really going to understand the stories being told.

To carry on tradition!

Rules of Story Circle
We're pretty laid back at Story Circle, but we still do ask for attendees to follow certain guidelines in order to show respect for storytellers!
1. Stories MUST be PG-13. Follow Blizzard TOS and don't be telling any naughty stories!
2. No PVP at Story Circle! Even if there's an Alliance that's running around murdering all nearby NPCs, we request you don't fight them as it can be highly disruptive to the speaker!
3. I think it goes without saying, just don't troll in general! It can be extremely upsetting when you finally work up the courage to tell a story and somebody starts dropping toys on you!
4. While people are more than welcome to talk and emote during stories, please try not to overdo it and do avoid having an in-depth conversation about your wife and kids in /say while there is a story going on! Take such conversation to /party, please!
5. Really, overall, just be respectful to the speaker!
6. If you do not follow these rules, depending on what it is you're doing, you may be blocked and reported.
7. And to any onlookers that see someone behaving inappropriately during Story Circle, do not respond to them! It only encourages. If it is worthy of such, just report and ignore!
8. Enjoy the stories! <3

Are only tauren welcome?
Nope! While the Circle is intended to expose more folks to tauren culture, anyone is welcome to show up and listen, or tell a story! We've had orcs tell stories of battles, trolls tell stories about their loa, pandaren tell old fables from their homeland, and more!

How long can stories be?
It is highly recommended to keep your story roughly 15 minutes or less! Though we understand if it goes a little over.

My story is way longer than 15 minutes! What do I do?
You can break it up into parts! Tell part 1 one week, and part 2 the next!

How many stories are told each week? How long do you accept storytellers?
Depends on how many volunteers we get, and we can have anywhere from 1 storyteller a week to 20 or even more! We go for as long as there are stories to tell! Or until the host passes out from exhaustion. So if you come in late, don't hesitate to ask the host to tell a story!

Who is the host again?
The Wolfmane Tribe hosts Story Circle each week!

Do I have to tell a story?
Not at all! You can just sit and listen. Nothing wrong with that!

I want to tell a story but I have to go in half an hour, and I don't know if the host will get to me before then!
Let the host know and they can bump you up a spot! We try to be flexible and if you need to go soon we can make you the next storyteller, or if you're still making dinner we can move you back!

Hope to see you all at Story Circle!
Writing tip of the day!

If you have a story to tell, don't be shy! Just remember that each and every person that ever told a story was once in the very same position as you. You can do it! Let your voice be heard!
Writing tip of the day!

Want to write a story but not sure what to write about? Try looking around your surroundings, and tell a story about that! Do you see a tree with several dead branches, trying to cling to life? Tell a story about the tree's struggle! Do you see a squirrel trying to steal some seeds to eat from bird? Write about their rivalry! You can turn just about anything into an amazing story! Just let your imagination run wild!
Story circle is a great time to sit down and unwind at the end of the week! If you’ve never attended, you’re missing out.
I remember attending a story circle years and years ago, on a character I can no longer recall, but I most certainly recall the stories and a goblin that told one of them. The event went on long into the night (and I think there were bombs involved at some point?) but it was good fun all around.

It's always wonderful to see this timeless WrA tradition kept going, I hope I can come again someday!
Thank ya'll! <3 And yes, hope you get to come around again sometime!

Writing tip of the day!

When telling a story, keep in mind the sort of character that is telling it, too, and it can add a whole lot more attitude to your tale! Is your character a goof that stumbles of their words? A character with a flair for the dramatic? A character that TRIES to be serious, but really can't help being silly? Add in those traits to your storytelling, and it can make the story feel that much more engaging!
I need to write up a story! I've been missing y'all!

These are great stories and I'm always delighted every time I go!

<3 Karanga!
<3 Wolfmane Tribe!

Much Love from the Agents!
I love story circle!
I loved Story Circle when it first started. It's good to see someone's keeping up the tradition!
I'm glad to see so much love for Story Circle! <3 Hope to see you all there again sometime!

Writing tip of the day!

Most people would advise you write out your story on a document first and copy/paste when you're telling your story. This can really help ensure the story moves along smoothly and erases the pressure of trying to type quickly!

Or you can be like me and not even know what sort of story you're going to tell until you're walking up in front of the group. Impromptu stories can be a very interesting challenge, too!
Macros work well too.
Bumps and hugs for story circle! I unfortunately couldn't make it last night, but hopefully those who went enjoyed it! (And I'm trying to fit it back into my regular weekly schedule soon! <3)
Story Circle is always the highlight of my Sunday RP. Here's a bump for a tradition that's been going on for many years.
Jumping on the macro advice, if you have macros, be careful! The pace you read may not be what others read, and people in attendance may be casual rpers or slow readers. Your story should be mindful of the time limit of course, but rapid-firing emotes and paragraphs is a quick way to lose people who need time to read and get engrossed in your story. But we all still love your story anyway. <3
11/13/2018 08:42 AMPosted by Kelsuwä
Story Circle is always the highlight of my Sunday RP. Here's a bump for a tradition that's been going on for many years.

It goes all the way back to the opening of the server, thanks to The Earthspear Tribe. Those were good times.
11/14/2018 05:05 PMPosted by Dromtar
11/13/2018 08:42 AMPosted by Kelsuwä
Story Circle is always the highlight of my Sunday RP. Here's a bump for a tradition that's been going on for many years.

It goes all the way back to the opening of the server, thanks to The Earthspear Tribe. Those were good times.

As someone who was a former Earthspear member back then I can attest to this. ^_^

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