Emissary weapons and Assassination.

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FFS Blizz, DO YOU NOT HAVE DAGGERS? How many bloody months into this PoS expac and NOT ONE DAGGER from emissaries.
If you're depending on emissaries for upgrades, you're not trying hard enough.
I got a dagger yesterday on mine. /shrug
Even the WQ's don't seem to have many weapons these days.
I got lucky with warfronts for mine, but my alliance rogue can't find even one dagger to save her life.

Cause I would really really really REALLY like to switch to assassination on my alliance rogue.
I really miss artifact weapons.
Imagine never setting foot in a M+, rated PvP or Uldir past LFR and expecting the game to just give you upgrades...
You think you want dragger, but you don't

You want a phone

Get it?

OK ill be going now
Warfront 4 life! Yeah I got lucky on one... the other 2 I had first, well when I sleep I dream the warfront map.

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