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Hi Bliz,

I don't know if I have just had bad luck, or if weapons for feral and guardian are really that limited (there appears to be five drops). It's gotten so bad I'm rolling tokens on high keys and offering a little prayer when I open a cache or kill the boss in Uldir. Nothing seems to work.

I thought, maybe, though, that the real answer here is just to allow druids to duel wield and use daggers and fist weapons. In theory, we used them all through Legion, and it'd just make things a little less of a hassle. It's not a big change, I don't think, but I'd appreciate it, and surely others would too.
I wish they could dual wield
11/06/2018 02:12 PMPosted by Simplisafe
I wish they could dual wield

In the past it wasn’t allowed because of the formulas that converted weapon stats into bear/cat stats. I’m not sure that’s still the case since Legion where both specs had DW weapons.
I finally managed to end my streak on getting a decent weapon about 2 weeks ago took me about a month and a half to finally get one. I was/am wearing heroic to mythic raid gear and was stuck with a 340 weapon. The problem is all the dungeons that had a better weapon you have a small chance at the weapon cause its taking from the entire dungeons loot pool so the best bet was the raid weapon as that boss only has so many items for you. I actually coined my weapon finally.

Blizz definitely dropped the ball on weapons there needs to be an easier way to get a higher item level weapon since its such a critical piece. But I think they look at the weapons we use as well theres only 4 specs in the game that use this weapon so we don't need many of them. Still have yet to see an Agi Emissary weapon that feral or guardian druids can use its always INT weapons should switch the primary stats too really

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