Staff or One-Hand w/off hand

Was wondering what is better to use now. The old Staff or the stat stick method of the one-handed weapon with an off hand.

What are your thoughts?
What do you use?

Please discuss.
They give pretty much the same stats if you have them at the same ilvl, so it just comes down to sockets and which secondary stats you need.
I have all 3 at 385 ilvl and my staff gives me 3 more intellect than the mainhand/offhand combo.
a staff will have the same amount of primary and secondary stats as a 1h+offhand combo of the same item level.

Advantage of main/offhand combo: you can divide up your stats with a little more granularity

Advantage of staff: much easier to get 1 single high item level piece than 2 high item level pieces.
No Haste on pvp staff. Or at least none that I come across.
Very interesting. So its not like days of old when you could have the 2 and they would total out at a higher stats like stat sticks?
My recollection is staff v. main+offhand has always yielded pretty similar stat budget at the same ilevel.

Result is you can treat them interchangeably. Just go without whatever you have that gives the highest ilevel. Or if ilevel is close, then whatever combo you have that sims best for secondary stats.

The only time this hasn't been true was in an earlier expansion where there was an enchant available for offhands.
I always end up with some titanforged 1/offhand setup I find they usually out-stat the staves
Whichever gives you the best stats/ilvl. Sim it if you aren't sure.
I believe the combined stat budget is nearly identical so it basically boils down to flexibility of stat allocation, ease of access, and of course, fashion.

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