Order Hall access for 110 boosted monk

I've spent hours trying to figure this out. I'm giving up. Need help please!

I boosted this monk from the BFA pre-order. Levelled up to 120 and don't remember seeing anything directing me to the order hall quest line.

Research shows the quest line used to begin with a quest called Before the Storm, which was given to you by an NPC that approaches you in Dalaran. I never had this happen to me in Dalaran. And it seems that the Before the Storm quest has been removed from the game.

The next quests in the guides all start from NPCs on The Wandering Isle. But how do I get to The Wandering Isle?

Zen Pilgrimage takes me to The Shrine of the Ox in Kun-Lai Summit. I can't find any quests to follow from there.

Can anyone help? Is this a bug from the boost? Or can you suggest where I look for a quest to unlock the order hall?

Go talk to Khadgar in Dalaran....From memory, he has something to do with it. Also, check your Dalaran map for any orange or dark yellow "!" quests, they might be associated with the class hall/important legion quest lines.

Oh, and make sure you change settings to show low level quests. :))
Update: I also logged a ticket on this and got confirmation that there is a known issue that the devs are working on. No ETA.

Pretty sure this relates to how/why they removed the "Before the Storm" quest. That's the quest that the NPC is supposed to give in Dalaran. That's the step I got to, but it just never happened.

I just checked in-game. The support tech was able to manually give me the Before the Storm quest as a temporary workaround. Pretty sure if I hit ZP it should take me to the wandering isle to begin the scenario. I don't have time to verify now. Fingers crossed.

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