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I just re-subbed after returning from Blizzcon. I quit because I was bored, I hated the gear grind, despised Azerite gear and hate RNG. But I was coming back to wait and see the continuation of the story. But I find myself bored again after 1 day.

I don't want to do WQs, the gear rewards are 15 ilvls below me, PvP is the same - nothing to work towards, the weekly reward is below my current ilvl too. Grinding the Azerite neck is a cure for insomnia. I did the Warfront quests, nothing exciting there. I raided enough back in Naxx and Ulduar over a 6 mos period to swear me off of raiding forever, I tried Uldir, I did. I could not wait for the raid to end.

I logged on this AM, and logged off after 15 mins.

Is this what the genre has become for me? Am I just that jaded?

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