Enh "buffs"

11/10/2018 02:56 AMPosted by Turgoth
Overcharge might be worth it, depending on maelstrom generation. Probably with rockbiter/landslide. Hailstorm still feels unappealing.

Crashing storm or fury of air still don't seem worth it, especially with sundering's interrupt/stun for M+.

Overcharge won't be worthwhile as using LB resets your swing timer interrupting your melee damage and melee hits (procs). Overcharge allows some extra punch when in ranged. Otherwise this doesn't matter too much.

The value of crashing storm was its synergy with Forceful Winds as casting this ability would cause windfury procs to occur more frequently allowing for a large DPS boost. I'm curious how this will play out. But I've switched from Shaman sadly but curious to see how the class evolves.

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