Why is Blizzard trying to phase out PvP players?

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Teaching yourself what you don't know how to do is the wow way. Is it working? Is everybody elite now?
11/10/2018 07:30 PMPosted by Pyromor
So @ Bodywrecker ,What would you like seen in pvp that blizzard should improve,since this new system is coming?

Arean teams backs, PvP vendors, PvP stats that give us an edge over PvE gear in WPvP and not making us wait 2 years for a new BG or 2.

Honestly, just the first 3 I would be ecstatic over.
11/10/2018 03:45 AMPosted by Anacus
because its a pve game, pvp is a mini game... just like pet battles and island and warfronts...

this should have been the end of this topic~
You guys always get PVE nerfed it payback time.
11/10/2018 09:17 PMPosted by Johnny
You guys always get PVE nerfed it payback time.

uh, no. PvE is a priority to Blizzard.
Every time there's a PvE change, PvP get's turned upside down. Look at the state of disc priest.

2s Arena is completely busted (Always has been) by how Disc priests work now. it's essentially a 3v2. Problems like this have run rampant almost every season.

FOTM and the impact that PvE changes has on PvP is why Blizzard was removed from MLG stadium years ago. So the only esports that WoW is involved in is a Blizzard hosted event, a very niche crowed that is out numbered by people who would rather cheer on battle pet garbage.
Blizz likes nothing more than to shoot themselves in the foot. Ever since the end of MOP Blizz subs have been roller coasters of the worst kind. Subs bump up to the low teens and then bleed off. Coincidentally MOP was the last good xpac for PVP.

I do not think Blizz wants to eliminate PVP. PVP online is a far larger market than PVE games. MOBA's market counts in the hundreds of millions, MMORPG target audience is maybe 20 million. But what is going on? As with the PVE game I do not think the Devs have a clue as to what to do. Blizz originally brought in B.H. to fix PVP and he failed brilliantly...see 2 shot win button meta. Now he is back to fix classes in general....LOLZ.

Blizz needs to get fresh blood. The old guard who is rotating around needs to go. When the Pres. stepped down recently instead of rotating one of the old guard in and then bring B.H. back into class design a better idea would of been to get 2 new fresh faces into those positions. As long as the same people keep rotating around the game is doomed. Why?

The game relies on several groups to do well. PVE'ers wanting an MMORPG (which the game lacks right now), PVP'ers wanting a decent place to do instanced battles and WPVP (again lacking) and the boring group who can happily do the same raid over and over and over and over. As it stands the game only provides for the last group.....which i believe is the only part of the game the current top devs do themselves. I have seen some of their toons....did some raids, no PVP and they do not strike me as MMORPG types.

End game, raid centric devs and the game has turned into an end game raid centric mess. The equivalent right now is a butcher trying to run a vegan deli.
If I recall, the AI in the battleground is not going to be used for all battlegrounds. It's a brawl event, but I do understand the concern.

It would suck if they actually implemented this in real battlegrounds.

It'd be nice though to have PvP stats and PvP vendors though.
11/10/2018 02:54 AMPosted by Bodywrecker
A full time PvP player should have considerable advantage in 1v1 WPvP over a full time only PvE player.

I lol’d hahahaha. Like being a full time PvPer in a 1v1 vs a full time PvEer isn’t already a significant advantage. Good ol Sunday.
11/10/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Farora
11/10/2018 06:08 PMPosted by Shlevana

Will the training program simulate what happens when your teams fc is not a dh while the other teams is?

Edit: I don't think it will help new players get into pvp any easier. The best way is throw them in the pool and hope they know how to swim. Playing against a player and an AI in any game is like night in day. In starcraft 2 the ai will probably do a normal build while your opponent may just cannon rush while rushing to carriers or number of other builds that the designer were not think about when designing the game. The wow example would be the ai while probably have a normal tank or it will play in way blizz thinks players play. Than when they play a normal bg they will see DH jumping over terrain only they can pass over. It just wont transition as well as they might hope it will.

11/10/2018 06:20 PMPosted by Bodywrecker

Yes, and we call that raiding which is PvE.


Training mode in PvP is called PvPing, learning from your mistakes and getting better instead of Blizz holding your hand and bubble wrapping you.

I meant more along the lines of learning the mechanics of a particular bg (ex. "oh so I can't cap the flag unless we have both of them?") not so much player vs player interaction.

That makes sense. I have seen people several times standing outside the rectangle on the temple bg with orbs instead of going inside the ring when there is few people inside it to get more points.
11/11/2018 08:37 AMPosted by Sinistrë
11/10/2018 02:54 AMPosted by Bodywrecker
A full time PvP player should have considerable advantage in 1v1 WPvP over a full time only PvE player.

I lol’d hahahaha. Like being a full time PvPer in a 1v1 vs a full time PvEer isn’t already a significant advantage. Good ol Sunday.

It isn't.
Because here is the unpopular truth, WoW is about PvE, PvP is not the primary part of the game, it is secondary in every aspect. Wow was never focuses on PvP and it always was just a side thing. Pushing them to the back burner is a good thing. Pvp is what has made balancing in this game damn near impossible since around wrath when pvp really started to take off as a viable facet of the game.

Prior to that, pvp was fairly balanced due to a natural class balance where some classes naturally had an advantage over others, for example, hunters could beat the crap out of cloth wearers 90% of the time, and warriors could slaughter anything they got in contact with, but had little mobility with out stance dancing. It was only after blizzard removed that natural class advantages over one another because people got upset that pvp had an RPG aspect to it, ie a rouge trying to stab a plate wearer in the face did not work out so well cus you know, a class that stacked agility did not really do a lot of damage to a class in the heaviest armor and the most health and strength but people complained that they did not. Ever since then pvp has been effecting pve balance.
Because we need to MONETIZE.
11/10/2018 02:54 AMPosted by Bodywrecker
With the overhaul and eventual removal of Arena teams, removal of any useful PvP gear, PvP stats, PvP vendors, PvP currency's, no real innovative ideas to new battlegrounds, no PvP options with warfront's, unbalanced Arena maps, the continuation of allowing FOTM classes to run rampant for too long, the cancer that is known as combat stat scaling, little to no effort required to obtain elite PvP aesthetics (I got 1800 in 2 days with an off meta comp), WPvP is still an unbalanced mess on many servers, nothing to compare to faction warfare for control to benefit in both PvP and PvE such as Tol Barad and Wintergrasp in years (EVEN IN A FACTION VS FACTION EXPANSION), and after Blizzcon recently announcing that players will have an option to battle AI's in battlegrounds instead of players to assure an easy win for PvP rewards.

AI's being introduced to BG's here:

Yes, now Blizzard in inventing an LFR equivalent for PvP to create even more bads. What is the purpose of this? Nobody asked for it. You know who does want it that never asked for it? Terrible players who want and expect instant gratification.

Why are PvP players being punished over the years slowly until we're just fighting for arena rating and titles against AI's?

But, but, AB and WSG are getting a new look!
I didn't realize those BG's were in detrimental need of a rework? Why not use the time and resources to rework the broken system that is current Arena and PvP gear progression and fixing our stats to separate us from the PvE crowed when WPvPing? A full time PvP player should have considerable advantage in 1v1 WPvP over a full time only PvE player.

The state of PvP is already a massive joke, now there's going to be a Players vs. AI option?

Please go ahead and make this an offline Facebook mini-game for grade-schoolers like you guys are doing with Diablo while you're at it.

I enjoy both PvE and PvP, but I'm only doing one part of the game because the other part has become unrewarding and bland.

Just another reason why I'm looking forward to classic.

Sorry for the block of text, but I couldn't stop listing. I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

Cause they want yall to do overwatch for pvp even though it sucks
maybe wow pvp esports is dead and mythic dungeon esports is their next big push.
PvP was always an indulgence slapped into the game during Blizzards adolescence. That same Blizzard has aged. Poorly. As have the concepts of pvp remaining to an exclusive sect of players whos advantages are heavily fuelled behind insane amounts of time investments. This trend is old and stupid as any newcomers to pvp are viciously slaughtered by the veterans will jump into a pvp experience where its actually possible to at least kill someone.

This outcome was inevitable.
11/11/2018 04:30 PMPosted by Kelgar
maybe wow pvp esports is dead and mythic dungeon esports is their next big push.

Blizzard doesn't have WoW esports. MLG removed them years ago because of imbalances and questionable development that leads to FOTM running rampant and some other class under performing.

The only broadcasted WoW related pvp is a Blizzard hosted event with a very small crowed.
11/10/2018 03:33 PMPosted by Pyromor
11/10/2018 03:41 AMPosted by Rastlin

I don't pvp but you are certainly right.

Against ai is PvR. Player vs. Robot.

I don't get this it's still pvp even if it a AI but still you can go warmode anyway .
player vs player...AI is not a player
That's what pvp servers are for.
PvP will always suck because players get mad when a class that's build around killing a target effectively, aka rogue, they complain. I already see that going to happen when classic hits. Racials imo have no effect on PvP on a large scale. It's just player skill and knowledge. People would rather complain then get better. And it just hurts themselves in the end.

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