Is flying/lack of flying still an issue?

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Yes. It’s still an issue.

Past time for flight in BFA.
Still a huge bone of contention, sometimes i wonder if Blizzard holding out on the subject is stupidity or just plain arrogance.

If they wanted to try and ensure people still put in a decent amount of played time per play session they could make it so that doing your emissary every day unlocks flight for the rest of the day, if i had my way it would be hit level cap and go to the trainer how it always was but it cant hurt to suggest more compromises.
If a quest is too far away from a fp I don’t do it
I don't mind Pathfinder at all, but I do wish Part 2 was coming in 8.1. Waiting months and months for it we we're already finished Part 1 really, really sucks. I'mm probably take a break soon and unsub for a while if that *is* what happens for sure because I'm already starting to get bored and need a break I guess
I love to fly and I love flying even more in current content. It makes doing world content much more enjoyable.

I'll probably quit soon and come back for 8.2. I remember doing this during WoD.

Seems idiotic that flying is locked in current content when there's no reason for it to be but then again this is the Dev team we have now so no surprises on idiotic game design.
11/10/2018 10:46 PMPosted by Karinya
Patch 8.1 was a long enough to explore the world as they wanted us to. Making us wait another 6 months for flying is stupid
They're rich white men. They must know what they're doing.
Flying will always be an issue because everyone doesn't agree on the topic.



I've seen everything except for the new zone where we are grounded again.

Why delay it so long? Yeah, I'm an idiot for asking because I know we'll never get an answer.
I don't have an issue with pathfinder from the standpoint of "they want us to see the stuff they created: The dungeons, the zones, the quests, etc... A lot of time goes into creating expansions and they want the fruits of their labor to be appreciated.


This, generally, happens generically for everyone at some point. Some are more fastidious about making sure they do EVERY quest, explore every nook and cranny, conquer the dungeons, etc... ASAP. Others are more leisurely about it. The rest fall somewhere in between.

The amount of time gating associated with pathfinder is absurd. In my honest opinion, I feel that they are being absolutely downright petty and spiteful about it due to the backlash they got about their plan to remove it in WoD.
11/11/2018 01:05 AMPosted by Orctang
Flying will always be an issue because everyone doesn't agree on the topic.

I agree to an extent, but here is the biggest reason why flying is an issue:

Because our current dev team decided to make it one.
I would say, at least for my self. The way the handle it, and what they have done with pathfinder is a big issue.

With daily stuff all over the place, i do not think there world design is good enough for them to hold it back so long.
It also for me has effectively upended how i play the game, I am not getting on for fun. I get on for chores, and hope for some fun at some point.
With them gutting out all the other things i enjoy, I am only sticking around for the love of the game i did have.
Devs have no clue right now, And it seems they want to keep me playing to the point i am just not wanting to play at all.
11/10/2018 10:40 PMPosted by Pizzadahutt
Yes it is still an issue because we still have to wait for pathfinder part 2 which will probably be around patch 8.2. There is also the concern about how in Legion a no fly zone was added shortly after flight was released. Flight needs to be available early in patch 8.0. We are waiting far too long.

it be nice if the latest we see it is 8.1 since the X.1 patch is roughly 6 months after the expansion is released.
11/11/2018 01:01 AMPosted by Spellchaser
They're rich white men. They must know what they're doing.

how can we trust a Goblin since all you care bout is the gold
Here's a novel idea. Bring back zones designed with flying in mind. Shocker I know. Give yourself a few minutes to recover. Maybe lie down for a bit.
11/11/2018 01:52 AMPosted by Celticlore

it be nice if the latest we see it is 8.1 since the X.1 patch is roughly 6 months after the expansion is released.

At this point, I'd take flight even if to get it we had to complete the requirements for both alliance and horde. I have more or less done that already so let me, and those like me, fly.

If anyone complains about needing both for flight, just be like "why are you wanting flight for only completing 1/2 the game?", hell, doing both factions also increases time on game/time played.
11/10/2018 10:42 PMPosted by Bullcritt
Some people have decided not to buy or play BfA or play wow until they release firm details about it. Like me, I didn't buy the expansion. Nothing about it is appealing to me, especially not yet another even larger round of Pathfinder.

I am the same. I have just decided to never buy the latest expansion ever again.
11/10/2018 10:42 PMPosted by Bullcritt
After blathering on about how cyclical subs are part of the future, they went out of their way to create a new category of cyclical sub who would never have dreamed of unsubbing before pathfinder forced them to make a choice between having fun and the expansion of all-work-and-no-play.

Count me as one of the new cyclical players. From December of 2005 until now, I only took a few (very short) breaks. Now? Now, I allowed my game time to lapse back in August and am only back for the anniversary this month and Winterveil in December. I will then let my time lapse again for an indefinite period of time. I may actually do the November/December thing for at least a year or two, maybe more. Let all my characters get way below whatever level cap I can reach, so I have a buffer between my characters and any new zones that require a Pathfinder. I think it might be cool to get to the point of doing the Pathfinder for BfA when the expansion after it has also been added to the basic game.

I'm also waiting for heirlooms to be upgraded to 120.
11/10/2018 09:52 PMPosted by Zipzø
I do remember at multiple points since WOD where the inclusion or lack there of has caused controversy and I do particularly remember that back in WOD it was a huge issue that cause insane backlash until they hamfisted it in near the end, some might remember the backlash as pretty intense but at this point I think I've lost perspective on just how bad it actually was, and why. Something about Blizzard lying about adding it and then not adding it?

Fast forward to Legion and there was again a few points where flying was an issue, notably with Pathfinder coming really later and very close to the release of Argus which would just ban flying on the premise anyway.

But in general I just don't really see the passion for flying anymore in bulk. I mean occasionally I see someone air slight grievances but it seems like Blizzard successfully "let it blow over and got everyone to accept their seeming ire for allowing flying at relevant points in the expansions since WOD.

Did the playerbase just give up and keep playing anyway? Did all of those pro flyers just quit? Did Blizzard successfully force players to just 'get over it'?

How does the current GD feel about flying in it's current state in the new expansion?

So that no flying campaign do any thing good? For me it not so great. So many of my Sever went from high to low in matter of days and never recovered. Raids down to one per release. Class released without being done. they ran out time they said. Hmm I wonder if had more people they could get it done. Time gating everything. let se what else. races being gated to slow down players. But sure no flying help the game. No reason at all their less players out there,, less resources and less stuff to do. Nope no flying help with that.
Flying is still an issue and will always be an issue until this spiteful time gate between part 1 and 2 goes away.
There should be multiple ways to earn flying.
Buy it with in game gold, do the pathfinder, buy it with tokens earned from pvp or raids/dungeons like say valor tokens or those pvp tokens.
Buy it with real life money.
They could add all of those options, and they would all viable options.
It would make a lot of people happy, I think.

I hate the fact they made flying an issue in the first place, but then again, they seem fel bent on pooping all over any past dev teams ideas/accomplishments.

Me thinks this current set of devs (obviously not the A, B, or C team), really have no idea what in the actual fel they are doing with this game anymore, nor do I think they care.

I can almost imagine the conversations at Blizzard.
Intern A: we should do something with WoW
Big Wig Blizzard Exec: crap, people still play that old game?
Intern A: Uh, yeah
Big Wig Blizzard Exec: Eh, just toss out some mission boards, and give them 100 more useless mounts, and they will be happy.

I mean they could be working on WoW 2, and blow FF14 out of the water, but ya know.. I think they are kinda done with MMO's and just don't want to admit it.

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