What could unravel Anduin?

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Anduin will save the world, nothing will unmake just maybe making him upset and force him to reflect about how he's still a good boy and be a better good boy going forward.
Anduin has always been very chill, really I don’t think anything would “unravel” him as you put it.

He even showed a genuine concern for Garrosh for the whole of his trial, despite Garrosh previously breaking Anduins bones, attempting to murder him, as well as being aggressive and spiteful towards him for the entirety of the trial.
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Anduin can't get a break. the half of the playerbase that hates him because he's too perfect is matched by the half that can't stand him because he's not his Hero Chin dad.

So true.

Anduin Hater #1: He's a flawless Mary Sue that can do no wrong!

Anduin Hater #2: He's naive, too idealistic and keeps making tactical mistakes because he's too inexperienced and focused on trying to save lives on both sides!

Me: Yeah. Both complaints seem legit!

Everyone will finally be made happy when Anduin is unmasked as the secret Big Bad All Along. in the final patch which will be ttitled. "Rise of the Dark Ranger" Sylvannas will save the world by killing him, and then go into exile, hunted by both factions as Shaw and Saurfang work to bury the truth the way Tirion did about Bolvar Fordragon. Her story will then be concluded in the next expac 'Warcraft: Fall of the Dark Ranger" which will introduce two MORE elf only classes, Dark Ranger for the Horde and Warden for the Alliance.
Anduin, for all intents and purposes has remained relatively cool headed in the face of dire circumstances. Even as the Kaldorei and Worgen break off to do their own thing. I doubt that if Sylvannas targeted him specifically, that he will fold easily. No, I think her plan is to make Anduin fall into despair by making everyone around him fall to it first. They all lose hope and lose faith in him as a leader and that in turn causes him to feel as though he let them down and failed them with him taking on their failures and defeats as his own. She intends to make him believe all is lost by picking apart the Alliance one by one.

I think that will ultimately be the thing that breaks him.
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As far as structural footholds like the on in Arathi, only thing I can guess is that they still have some kind of connection/pipeline to Arathi. You still have Hammerfall and Hillsbrad Foothills and Silverpine. Although Undercity was wiped out, they are still legitimate outposts because the Alliance sailed to Tirisfal from the sea to the north, not via ground incursion from the south.

See, I actually understand this. I am simply implying the same can be seriously and logically applied to Kalimdor if we wanted to. FEATHERMOON STRONGHOLD. Hello?
I know developers probably forgot about this or said it got destroyed or something without me knowing it since they hate night elves, but to my knowledge there is a giant fortress with tons of sentinels on the coast of Feralas. Certainly a harbor and ports could have been built since the damn end of Cataclysm 8 years ago here, which can be used to funnel resources into places in Kalimdor. And that's just the first location that comes to mind.

I think player bias comes into play here. If your side is shown to be able to do something, well that's completely stupid and unfair! If my side is able to do it? Well hey, that's just logical!

Problem with Feathermoon Stronghold was that there's this huge mountain range right between it and the Sword of Sargeras which is where the Alliance thought the Horde's target lay.

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