A delimma I am facing in choosing a realm.

Emerald Dream
I am sort of finding myself in this dilemma a bit when it comes to choosing a realm or if I should move at all. I'll explain:

1. I want to be around people who are relatively accepting and interested in RP-PvP related activities. ED has lots of that, but less walk up RP.

2. Yet I wouldn't mind walk up RP-PvP and I know some of the best forms of RP can happen with WM off. MG and WRA have lots of that, but people also tend to be a lot less open about anything PVP related. Even very toxic about it at times.

3. Yet it also needs to be a relatively nice and viable place to find people for my discord community or possibly start a guild. Realms with major gnome guilds present become less viable due to competition.

4. Yet I am also concerned about the sharding on RP realms. I was told that one will only see players from their realm in WM except in BFA areas. This is both a positive and negative. Part of the reason I like alliance side WM is because of the abundance in targets and it does strike me that if you only see people from the same realm in RP realms based WM than it will be drastically less in number. That and also I'd imagine it to be even worse on realms like MG or WRA who for the mass majority have WM off.

5. Some minor concerns people may see this mog as me being some sort of ERPer if I went to a realm like MG.

6. Do I really need to move to do successful RP events? Maybe a discord community or even an off realm RP guild with like minded people could work.

7. Then of course the whole 25$ cost. I've also been thinking of getting my name changed which would add to the cost.

8. Simple uncertainty.

9. Apart of me just wants to stay in Sargeras cause my mog and guild name fits the realm name.

In truth, I kind of just wish that realm did not matter when it came to experiencing RP or not. ED, MG, and WRA each have their advantages and even non RP realms do. Now it seems like no matter which option I pick, there will be a major tradeoff.
7 years ago I went through the exact same conversation with myself until I came across a post by Bruenor describing Clan Battlehammer and the Emerald Dream realm. I took the plunge because of all the realms at the time only Twisting Nether was comparable for serious RP-PVP. MG was a joke and WrA was only a fragment of what it is today. I've never regretted that decision nor have I ever looked back.

Emerald Dream is the the only choice for the absolute best combination of PVP, RP, population, faction balance and fervor to maintain it all. Take the plunge, I guarantee you won't regret it. (It's even better if you're a dwarf)
On a plus size, might still be the case, but ED had the least % of Blood elves compared to all other RP servers. (Other having roughly 50% ish). What does it mean? More Troll, Orcs, Tauren and other race. ED is a strong server to have pur race guilds.
sharding is something u have to deal with no matter wat realm u choose...

walk up is rare but somewhat findable to the right ppl… if u walk up to a obvious troll don't expect great results... walk up to a member of a rp guild, u ll probably get something

cross server action will probably be only event action, and even then u ll probably want to join someone from this server so it can be held over here... which we do sometimes to bring along the ppl of the past that moved but still enjoy our events...

as for the want to stay on ur server or not pay the transfer... u can always make another toon over here...
Hooch dumb, but at least Hooch can spell dilemma.
At this point, i would suggest making a trial character and jumping right in. Since you are an RP'r, there are multiple events coming up, a guild faire and RP convention, and these two events alone would probably help you decide if ED is for you!

tldr: No need to overthink, just jump in and have fun. GL
As much difference between the realms, i cannot really say there is a wrong choice. Enjoyable people are on all
I'd recommend making an alt, hang around different guilds and see what they're up to. Come to the tavern events, the call to arms events, pretty much all the stuff that's happening. I also highly recommend Redwood's Tall Tales events, check out both sides but most importantly get in-game and interact with folks on both sides, get into some RP and PvP and just enjoy what ED has to offer.

I started out with an Alt, made my paladin Lumianna (hi to anyone who met her!). I joined House of Nobles - and when they abruptly folded I joined Northgarde. I eventually found that this realm had everything I was looking for, and began transferring characters over - eventually transferring my guild over as well.

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