Owlkin Frenzy Hoots and Glyph of Stars.

So I've been googling extensively on how to remove that annoying hoot every time Owlkin frenzy procs. Everything pre-BFA is OUTDATED as of now. I understand the concept of replacing the "OwlkinFrenzy.ogg" with a silent ogg, but, replacing the .ogg doesn't work anymore. As of BFA, the sound "OwlkinFrenzy.ogg" doesn't seem to be the one playing when it procs, now that the passive is gone and baked into Moonkin Form. Does anyone know which one is playing now??

It's obviously a soundkit, multiple different hoots play now upon being smackered, not just the one. It's driving me away from the spec lol.
Go play a mage. "I want to play a Moonkin but don't like anything Moonkin-like on my Moonkin. Plz make my Moonkin not a Moonkin".

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