It is literally the most annoying profession ever. I can spend 2 seconds and gather 10 storm silver ore, or I can spend 20 seconds getting 1 fish?

I get that it's secondary, but can we at least be reasonable here?
And then you spend 5+ minutes traveling to the next node while the fisherman stays exactly where he is and immediately casts fishing again and will catch something in 1-22 seconds (statistically 12 seconds on average).

I often read a book while I'm fishing. I hear the sploosh sound, click my mouse, wait a moment, cast again, then look up from my book, adjust mouse slightly, repeat...

Can't do that with mining.
I have long suggested that tailors make nets. The sad thing is it is already in the game if you have ever rolled a Spacegoat. You get the quest as you are leaving the kiddy zone. So it is possible Blizz is just lazy.
Try fishing on the Classic demo if it was implemented. Fishing today is a joke compared to the original implementation. Any easier and they might as well just put all fish on a vendor.

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