Are Arenas Faster Honor than BGs?

I would like to get honor lvl 80 for the artifact forms/tints. (Am lvl 10 now).

If I got a quarter of an honor level a day from random battle grounds (which would take at least an hour, maybe 2), that would take almost a full year, putting in those hours EVERY day. That's a really hefty undertaking.

Are Arenas a faster way to gain honor? Or some other way?

Let's assume roughly average skill level / ranking attainment.
It is a tedious process now to get honor levels. I do not even think about it and hope I get my mounts before the xpac ends. I doubt it though.
Ya I pray to god they add some new method of getting honor. Honor level 80 makes me wanna die. Honor level 500 is just ....
Don't think so. The honor levels were set too high to even be a reasonable goal I think. We were told our alts would be combined into a total honor level, so the initial reaction was that we would get a slight buff in where we were relatively speaking. Not so fast though, as they made the total amount of honor to get an equivalent reward at least twice as much. And if you concentrated on one character in Legion you went from possibly being near Prestige 25 to being a few years away from it in BFA.

I figure Prestige 25 was about 1,078,000 honor. Honor level 300 is now 2,640,000 honor. Not sure if those are exactly right but it's close.

Edit: Actually I guess 25 would be equivalent to 250 now, not 300. So that's more like 2,200,000 honor.

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