Raccoon look for Fem Pandaren

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Simply put, I would like you to uncouple the raccoon tails from that one particular reddish fur colour for female pandaren. Currently, the only way to get that raccoon tail is to select the reddish fur colour. All the black ones have no option to add a tail.

So here's the idea: a tail slider for female Pandaren.

Do you want a red furred pandaren with no tail? You got it. A black furred pandaren with a tail? You got it. Hurray for more options and everyone's happy.
Throw in a height slider and we have a deal.
sorry mate
Back when MoP came out, some of the non-red pandas showed tails on the armory.
So they were something that was at one point possible during development, which isn't really too surprising. Same model and all.
That was back in the day of those special armory poses, so I'm sure that's been fixed by now.
But ye.
It was sorta a thing.
11/12/2018 09:25 AMPosted by Daeyan
sorry mate

Beat me to it.

Plus my younger daughter is obsessed with red pandas and if they got removed I would never hear the end of it.
I thought I read "raccoon looking for fem pandaren"
Why just for female Pandaren?

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