Are you faction-loyal or a neutral?

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Gameplay wise you are obviously restricted but lore/RP wise where does your character sit.

I'm asking because I'm finding it really hard to get into this faction war after all we've been through.
There just seems to be far bigger threats out there other than the other side.
And the way the Horde has been acting lately I feel like it really goes against what my character believes in.
I just feel like I would fit in better with a Neutral Organization.
Actually fighting to protect this world and its inhabitants instead of fighting for shortsighted leaders.

I'm loyal to the Alliance and King Greymane, but I put the Light, Azeroth, and Elune above them.

ETA I'll add my Paladin since he's Horde. I am loyal to the Light and the Horde, but I also think that the direction that Sylvanas has taken is right, and it's down right abdominal and perverse. I have seen too much to think that I need to be neutral or to try to join my Quel'dorei kinsmen within the Alliance. Those are just temporary measures and will not fix my goals, primarily the goal of returning Honor to the Horde.

I'm thinking of rolling a Horde DK of DH, and that person will serve Sylvanas and take pleasure in the war.
For the longest time Keraei was part of a neutral faction dedicated to recording history, but she could not ignore the genocide of her people in Teldrassil. So she has rejoined the Alliance War Effort until Sylvanas is made to answer for her crimes at which point her loyalty will focus on her neutral faction once more. She is always a proud member of the Alliance, but her work is normally her focus.
Aorasia is a pirate through and through. She is not as bloodthirsty and ruthless as other pirates, but she owes no loyalty to anyone other than her crew. For the Azeroth Campaign she signed up with the Alliance as a privateer as a bargain to clear some of the warrants she has accumulated with her time at seas, but she will cut ties as soon as it becomes inconvenient.
Asana is neutral. She's not a member of the Alliance, nor any other organization. She values her own personal freedom and independence too highly. But she is often a mutual friend of the Alliance and many others.

She cares nothing for the faction war and has no grudges to the Horde. She'd just as quickly help a troubled orc in need as she would anyone else. However, Asana does agree that Sylvanas is a major problem. Teldrassil made that clear enough.

That's about the extent of her motivation for siding with the Alliance. To remove Sylvanas and to try to mitigate the damage of the war and end it quickly. After that, depending on the situation, she intends to withdraw her support.
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Gameplay wise you are obviously restricted but lore/RP wise where does your character sit.


It's different for each one. My Alliance and Horde mains are both very devoted to their factions. the others vary on a spectrum.
Most of my characters are either neutral or racially loyal. Pretty much none of them are very committed to their faction beyond their race and country. This particular one was neutral until the War of Thorns. Even now she only takes part in the war for arguably personal gain; she doesn't much care for the Alliance in practice and is still somewhat estranged by her people as a whole due to her caste.

Overall she sees the current conflict as an opportunity to encourage change amongst her people through prestige and example. By being an exemplar of how she believes the Kaldorei should be whilst serving their greater interests she believes she can inspire a certain attitude in others. My Pandaren Warrior, a Horde character, has a somewhat similar philosophy. By showing everyone how one should behave you help preserve that mindset despite your superior's actions.

Both characters are also very pragmatic, however. Astrea, this Night Elf, in particular largely removes herself from the conflict morally as her ideology in regards to war paints it as something where morals will always be compromised because the very act is amoral; regardless of the dispositions of its participants. She has been recorded as calling it a 'Game of Monsters'
Ryu is loyal not so much to the Alliance but to the Kaldorei that raised him. He joined with them during the third war and after its conclusion. He joined with them at Darkshore and witnessed the Burning of Teldrassil first hand with them. He mourns for the lost ones in the fire with them. He HUNTS THE HORDE In Darkshore With his family!

Ryu's Brother Bowen is a Knight's-Champion of Stormwind and is honor bound to serve her king until his last breath. He is extremely loyal to the Alliance as such and fights the war on every front. It was not in Darkshore when Telldrassil burned but was on the front lines at Lorderon. This doesn't mean he kills all Horde on sight or Saurfang would be dead and never made it to the stockades. It was King Anduin's Orders that the Orc be taken prisoner. Bowen is not a hateful dwarf but he will put down the enemy when he has to.

Like others though I play both factions as I have Tauren characters as well as my Dwarves. Baine is loyal to the Tauren and the Horde as a whole; not so much Sylvanas or her tactics. My Albino is loyal in that he lives in Orgrimmar but is so depressed he almost wishes the Burning Legion had won. he doesn't care for the faction war nor any member of the Alliance. He fought for his own survival.
As a Death Knight I serve the living, protecting them from who despises life, siding with the Alliance to stop the march of the Forsaken and their war-hungry allies in the Horde.
Cannibal is nearly anti-Horde at this rate. We'll see where his allegiance will go after 8.1.
There is no neutral this is why we have the faction sides. Horde faction is all something I disrespect. However when it comes to fighting with the alliance, I frown upon the Night-Elves and Gnomes. When it comes to the Horde side, I frown upon the Orc, Goblins & Blood-Elves.
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Cannibal is nearly anti-Horde at this rate. We'll see where his allegiance will go after 8.1.

Presumably that will change when Sylvannas is replaced by her successor, which seems to be leaning towards Saurfang?
I don't know, I heard rumors that once Sylvanas steps down to do her own thing Thrall may retake the mantel. Saurfang is a great Orc but he is an old one. Not sure he'd be up to leading the Horde as a whole. Being a symbol of what we once were "Yes", as a leader type figure others can turn to, "most definitely".
Vozul is very patriotic about the Horde's ideals, and she's deeply hurt by the internment camps and the separation of her family by the Alliance from before the Third War. Despite her fears and bitterness, however, she can separate the people from the faction, and would prefer peace. She's content to live, let live, and help people she sees in need.
Loranaris doesn't give two hoots about the Horde or the Alliance. She doesn't even like the Ebon Blade all that much either, but she's far more obligated to work with them. That said, she does spend a lot of time working with the Horde, but only so she can keep an eye on Sylvanas's dealings. Her loyalty is to the preservation of life and that's it.
All my Horde characters are neutral.
Jim here absolutely adores his faction, the Forsaken.

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