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Hi everyone,

I really like my enhancement shaman. But with all the bad things being said about us, I'm really iffy about playing her, or if I should go back to playing my hunter.

I don't have much time to play. I won't ever be raiding progression or pushing mythic + keystones. I would be focusing mainly on open world content, the occasional dungeon/raid I can either get into with my guild or pug into, and some LFR.

Should I even continue with my shaman? Or give up and go back to my hunter? I'm looking for opinions since I'm torn on what to do. Thanks.
If you are not going to be doing "serious content" as people call it.. then play whatever you find to be most enjoyable. You may not be able to pick both to see what one you like better, but both options are fine for what you plan on doing. Only in high m+ or mythic raiding does these choices really matter

enh is the better of the shaman specs so, you have that going for you at least :P
Enhance is great for the content you do. It's at the very high end enhance has problems.
Shamans are fine, the doom and gloom comes from really high end players, and even then they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. For the content you do, I'd suggest getting off the forums and just play what you enjoy.
Thanks guys :) Really appreciate it!

Imma go bounce around in ghost wolf form now if you will excuse me :D

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