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Hi friends! If you're looking for a quick guide for Ulidr, this is the place for you; it's got you covered.


Taloc is a two phase fight revolving around blood patches. The boss starts at low energy and corrupted, and the fight ends when the boss regains HP to 100% and is purified. However, unlike previous fights where you had to heal bosses (Temple of Seth, ICC, etc), Taloc is only healable by dragging blood patches into him. Your #1 job is whenever targetted by Plasma Discharge to drop it in the middle of the room, so that the boss can absorb it easily. Additionally, hitting players with this will grant them a large haste buff that will assist them in the fight.


This boss is a high damage check and requires a lot of mobility. Your goal is to jump into the 3rd room as fast as possible where you get a 100% damage amplification, and that means you're going to want to at the start of the fight pop all of your mobility CDs so that you can get there immediately. Ideally you should be in there within the first 5 seconds of the fight, and if done right you can do it within the first 3. Once you get the timing of that down, just burn the boss. Mechanics matter little on this fight; Blizzard heavily undertuned MOTHER's damage to the raid and the lasers you see throughout the fight are primarily for show.

Fetid Devourer:

When you first enter the boss room, you'll see numerous trash packs. Once cleared, the boss becomes much harder. The trash packs transform into various types of animals (pro lore tip, they were experiments on the loa), and while untransformed they take bonus damage. The boss also does if there are enough untransformed mobs nearby him, but once the trash is slain you lose that capability. This is an easy fight to parse on if you abuse this fact.

Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth:

Zekvoz is a 3 phase encounter where you face off against a Silithid phase, Nerubian phase, and then for some reason Blizzard felt that neither the Sha nor the actual creatures of N'zoth were worth phases, so then just a long phase revolving around Mind Controls.

Phase 1: If you get a purple circle around you, you need to stack tightly because it's split damage and you cannot soak it all on your own. Spread for Silithid adds and kite them best you can.

Phase 2: If you get Roiling Deceit (a powerful DoT) on you, make sure to stack on your healers as their healing gets reduced the further you are away from them. Caster adds will spawn, split DPS across your raid and focus the one furthest from Zek'voz first.

Phase 3: Stack in the group if you absorb the ball that falls to the floor, as you'll need to be dispelled once you transform. Dont be out of range.


Extremely easy fight where the only mechanic is that all Omega Vector debuff players must be extremely careful. Watch and see if you get that debuff; if you do, stack with the others who have it. Your goal is to try to pass them onto one person; they pass as they expire, and the less people who have the debuff, the easier it is to manage. One person with 3 is far easier than 3 with one, as they're easier to spot heal.

Zul, Reborn:

Zul is a two phase encounter where he transitions into phase 2 once enough adds hit him. Your goal is to do this as quickly as possible, as phase 2, all players will have a DoT that is stronger the longer phase 1 went on. You want as many Minions of Zul and Animated Ichors to hit him; you can assist with this by using speed boosts on them. Stampeding Roar from Druids and Shaman's movement speed totem work great. Above all else, do not kill them, as you only prolong the fight, making it last longer than it already does.

Mythrax the Unraveler:

I'm unsure as to why they made such an easy boss the 2nd to last, but he's really just a tank and spank. Just stack in front of him to help the tanks soak an ability called Essence Shear; it hits really hard and you'll need to help with that. Also you'll see green spheres, pick them up for a slight damage boost.


The fight's really simple and you don't need a guide for him, but pro tip, any group that has the words "Orb Runners" or "Runners" is one that you should bail from immediately. That's code for a strategy that isn't really viable and is a major red flag.

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The most useful guide I've ever read that covers everything we need to know.
10/10 advice OP.
You should make sure to repost this later when they change to the new forums.
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You should make sure to repost this later when they change to the new forums.

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